March 6, 2006

Want To Write For The #1 PlayStation 3 Blog?

Posted in General at 2:15 am by corneliusw

We are searching for up to four writers to write at Playstation 3 bLog. You would be responsible for posting the latest PlayStation 3 news with your opinion on each news article you write. All news articles posted must be rewritten into your own words. You do not need any experience for this job but your writings must have good grammar, spelling and punctuation.

If pick for this position, you will be posting PlayStation 3 news and voicing your opinion on the most popular PlayStation 3 blog online and your news/opinions would be read by thousands of PlayStation 3 fans each day.

Send your application to pwz2k{@}



  1. Janley said,

    I will like to know why the few games that PS3 has coming soon they delay it over and over again. As a PS3 owner i’m starting to feel disappointed about PS3 progress with the games, i know that they are testing or exploring their new console and that could take some time but, if they are going to take that long i hope the games coming soon you could really tell the difference from XBOX 360 ones. Because their competitor doesn’t take that long to bring out the same games titles and many more also from what i hear theirs not much difference. Another thing the demos for PS3 are not really good either when compare with XBOX 360 demos. Playstation really need to charge their batteries and make a big move in this area or we will see a lot PS3 owners like me switching to XBOX 360 Elite. I spoked to many of my PS3 friends and they also agree with me.

  2. Bill said,


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