PS3 Specifications

Playstation 3 Specifications

PE (Processing Element) Features and General Specifications

Graphics Subsystem – Features and General Specifications:

Rendering Performance

Disc Device

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  1. ak said,

    this is my dream design of psp2 n even ps4, of course details of rival xbox portable, xbox next console also included in my blog 2.


    1. environment requirment: in order to play ps4’s game, u need a single room of minium 50-80 square feet devoted 4 game playing only / a minium of 60inches wide 3-d lcd / a minium of 60inches wide sed display

    2. ps4 hardware included

    A. signal receiver

    B. console(signal processor)

    C. 3-d signal hand glove + 3-d signal wear

    D. each game requires a moding equipment made by paper/plastic/soft wood, eg. car wheel 4 wheel driving games, machine gun 4 shooting games… etc.

    date launch: 2015

    psp2: the name will be PSP-F or PSP AI-1

    psp-F (F=five) / psp AI-1 (all in 1), launch 2Q 2010 – 3Q 2011

    cell cpu 4 mobile equipment (cell generation 2)

    gpu + ppu + hardware ai unit

    advance 6 axis system (optional, can turn on/off same as wifi/bluetooth)

    30/40g hd, total 320mb ram (128 system ram + 192 video/graphic ram)

    (128 system ram + 128 video/graphic ram + 32 ppu ram + 32 aiu ram)

    all in 1 hi-tech game machine + 5.1 headphone + 3-D eyeglass……

    7″ wsvga 1024×600 tft 16:10 lcd

    psp AI-1 = 1-dc 2-pda 3-mobile phone 4-gps 5- 3D game machine

    also can be a personal game server anytime using wi-fi/gprs(4G), connect up to 16 players

    build-in mobile phone, gps, bluetooth

    US$300 – US$380

    n the rival xbox portable is here:

    mobile xbox 360 (mx360)

    cpu 1.2G – 1.4G core duo

    v/gpu 350mhz-450mhz (=geforce 5700/6600)

    system ram 128mb, video ram 128mb, total 256mb memory

    touchscreen tft 16:10 lcd 4.5″ 800×480 / 7″ 1024×600

    hd 8Gb/20Gb (game install, game save)

    2.5″ mini disc (game, movie video)

    1.3mp webcam support Wi-Fi game chat

    Wi-Fi, bluetooth, web browser, global multi-language support

    stereo speaker, SRS Trusurround, WOW

    MP3, MP4, wav…..

    3000mAh battery x 2 (position under 2 handles n the buttom part of the machine)

    new hi-tech body handle design:

    2 handles (left n right for left n right handed person) on top of the machine

    8 directions joystick x 2 (left n right handles)
    2 gun buttons below 2 handles

    2 hands hold the machine body, 1 thumb(left/right) control the joystick, the other 1 finger press the gun button

    (the whole machine looks like a devil’s head, cos 2 handles on top of the machine,
    not like psp’s control on screen’s left n right)

    built-in motion response system (play shooting, car racing, flight simulation game) = ps3 6 axis

    gun button (play shooting, car racing game)= ps3 x2 y2 button

    launch 2Q 2008 – 3Q 2009

    US$250(8g hd) – us$300(20g hd)

  2. Halo King said,

    go to hell PS3 lovers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. S0me0ne said,

    ? Whats your problem ?
    If you like PS3 then go for it, If you like XBOX 360 then go get one.
    Not point crying about it. We all different!
    Or are you to poor to afford one? :)

  4. kevstelo said,

    I think I’ve read something simillar a few days ago. I don’t remember where, might have been on or slashdot.

  5. Ashley said,

    I want to know if anyone has the PS3 connected to the internet via their TV as oppossed to their computer? It’s driving me crazy how to network this thing….Sony doesn’t know, Dell, not even the place I bought it from!..HELP!!!!

  6. said,

    I dont see why there is a riff Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 are both great consoles.

  7. francis said,

    i think its funny how you all speak to each other, because after you have made a post knowone comes back on.
    i know im not.
    hey hey hey hey drink cum every day

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