December 12, 2005

Final Fantasy 7 PS3

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Cloud Strife, THE man.

I’m writing this post as I’m particularry excited about the eventuality of a Final Fantasy 7 PS3 remake, expecially after I took another look at the “Technical Demo” by GameSpot.

Just in case you didn’t know, Final Fantasy 7 is not only the best chapter in the series, but (IMHO) one of the best videogames EVER. Its story is a romance. An exciting experience. A great adventure.

Now, if you never playied FF7, please buy a PS1 and play it. Even if you don’t like RPGs. THEN, come back here to discuss about games :)

I used Cloud, Red XII and Barrett (and, eventually, Vincent Valentine) – what a party :)…

And I am not alone :)… they organized a petition for a final fantasy 7 ps3 remake !!!

Almost 6000 signatures, leave yours as well.

November 21, 2005

sad PS3 online resources

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I feel sad.

This morning, I made a little tour between many Hi-Tech informative resources all around the web.

I’m not going to mention them, but there are big names involved in it.

Almost 75-80% of PS3 articles, published over time, are IDENTICAL.
Ok, let’s make the point of the situation: EVERYONE, included me, must take PS3 news from bigger websites (IGN, Gamespot, Joistiq etc.) having direct contacts with major gaming companies. There is no alternative solution. I do it as well, I check bigger online magazines, I take out the news and I rewrite them, with personal impressions and references. I try to select accurately the best (and only the best & breaking) news, to create communication with my 800+ daily readers, to make my bLog less formal and “purely informative”, to discuss (as it’s happening in the xbox vs ps3 price contest) . To be, at least, friendly.
But I counted over 15-20 ps3 websites / blogs COPYING and PASTING those “breaking” news, in some case without even reporting the source. They just play on different search engine keywords, so people will read their website instead of another, to read identical things.
Now, this is not a new phenomenon, it always happened with newspapers (actually sucking news from wikinews – blah), tv news, etc… but to create a blog talking about playstation 3 and only pasting things written by others on it is insane. Why are you creating a website if there is another with the same contents? You are tricky.
The sad thing is that with a small amount of keywords play, and 15-30 minutes / day of copy/paste work, you can obtain loads of visitors (=$$$).

But, in my opinion (hey.. it’s just me), this is just stealing.

Ok, take news from your sources, but try to write something of your own (something more than “it looks interesting”).

Or burn away your stupid blog and build a Playstation 3 forum / community, if you can launch it.

Let’s work together for the sake of internet information, not only on its divulgation.

And You, my lonely user, stop relying so much on search engines and make a better use of your Browser’s “favourites” folder.

September 22, 2005

History pearls and riflessions

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The bad band. Do you like them?

It makes a certain effect. Almost 10 years of wonders!

Looking at the pic makes me thinkful and nostalgic.

I had marvellous memories about the time I spent playing RPGs on my Sega Mega Drive. And Ultima underworld on my 486? A blast. And Mario Bros 3 on my Nintendo 8 bit… oh my god, I had a lot fun. And I even had fun with textual adventures as ADOM or Rogue… Muds. And year after year, videogames start to look less fun and much, much more fascinating.

Think about the ipod: it’s a great mp3 reader, but it’s more than all an object of style, fashion, cult. The same’s happening with videogames: awesome Graphics, stunning Sound, exceptional Character Design.

I’m watching ps3 games trailers that are literally hypnotizing me.

Will playstation 4 play with humans? Will playstation 5 create a virtual reality? Can you feel that the limit for Playstation x is infinite? It’s just moving towards to GOD… we’ll just have to guess the number. While playing Devil May Cry 4 :)