January 25, 2007

PlayStation 3 UK/EU Launch Day Confirmed

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It has been confirmed that the PlayStation 3 will be launch in Europe on March 23, 2007 at £425. As previously reported the 60GB version will be the only one available at launch.

One million PS3 units are expected to be available during the initial launch. There will be over 30 launch titles available, which are Resistance: Fall of Man, MotorStorm, Genji™: Days of the Blade, FORMULA ONE CHAMPIONSHIP EDITION, Ridge Racer™ 7, Tekken®: Dark Resurrection, Lemmings™, Go! Sudoku, Go! Puzzle, Blast Factor™, flOw™, Super Rub’a’Dub, Call of Duty 3, Marvel: Ultimate Alliance, Tony Hawk’s Project 8, Gundam – Target in Sight, Full Auto™ 2: Battle Lines, Sonic the Hedgehog™, Virtua Fighter™, Virtua Tennis™ 3, World Snooker Championship 2007, NBA 2K7, NHL 2K7, Blazing Angels Squadrons of WWll, Enchanted Arms, Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell: Double Agent, The Elder Scrolls lV: Oblivion, Def Jam: Icon, Fight Night Round 3, NBA Street 4 Homecourt 2007, Need for Speed Carbon, The Godfather: The Don’s Edition, Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2007, Untold Legends: Dark Kingdom, F.E.A.R. Vivendi and Gripshift.

January 17, 2007

PlayStation 3 Price Rises For Europe

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The official website of the Irish version of Sony’s PlayStation 3 website has revealed the consoles price in Europe. The 60GB version will be sold for $629.99 EUR, which is 30 EUR more than the previously announced price at E3.

The 20GB version will retail for $529.99 EUR, instead of the $499.99 EUR that was previously announced.

The 60GB version will be the only model available on launch day.

January 8, 2007

Sony Reaches Goal Of 1Million PS3’s; Beats Xbox 360

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Sony has announced that have reach their goal and sold over 1 million PlayStation 3 units in North America. This makes the PlayStation 3 the fastest selling console Sony has ever launch. Xbox 360 sold only 600,000 units from their November launch to the second weed on January.

Only 197,000 PS3’s were sold on launch day, less than half of what was originally forecast.

Sony is still promising that they will ship off 6 million PlayStation 3’s by the end of March 2007.

January 2, 2007

Rumor: Third PS3 Model On The Way

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It is rumored that Sony are working on a third PlayStation 3 model which would be called the “media centric”.

This new version will not be package as a gaming system, but as a video entertainment system. So far the third model will have these features:

* Anti-vibration mechanism for the Blu-ray disc drive.
* 512MB XDR memory.
* Advanced power supply unit.
* Two HDMI connectors to divide audio and video data.

It will also come with a brand new look to separate it from the 20GB and 60GB version and will have the Sony logo on it. You will still be able to play your PlayStation 3 games on it. The estimated price for it is $2500.