June 21, 2007

Feel The Pain Of Doom Video

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I came across this video of two gamers chatting on ooVoo playing Doom and found it entertaining. Two British gamers are owning one gamer and he’s feeling the damage that his character is receiving in the game. Check it out by clicking here.

June 5, 2007

New Need for Speed game confirmed for PS3

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A new Need for Speed game has been officially confirmed for the PS3, although its existence was previously hinted at. Going by the name of Need for Speed ProStreet, specifics of how exactly it’s going to play are still thin on the ground. We can expect to see car damage playing a part in the game, with EA stating that “Every dent, every scratch and every crumpled body panel is a battle scar, proof of your commitment and competitive mettle.” You can take a look at the official website at www.needforspeed.com. The game is being developed by EA Black Box in Vancouver and is slated to ship this Autumn.

As you’d expect from an EA game, a multiformat release is on the cards, with the game appearing on PS2, PS3, Xbox 360, DS, PSP, Wii and Mobile. I hope that EA take the opportunity to re-invigorate the series a little. Carbon was good fun, but not incredibly original and a bit too short. Pretty graphics though.

‘We’ll make PS3 Home look prehistoric’

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The boss of Virgin’s new digital download site A World Of My Own (AWOMO) believes that the venture can outclass Sony’s much-lauded PS3 Home project. Users were invited to register for the Beta of the site this week.

And now AWOMO creator Games Domain International has told MCV that the download speed of the site will put next-gen consoles to shame – and that it can reach half a million subscribers this year.

“We want a minimum of 30,000 subscribers for the Beta and we’re already well on track,” GDI CEO Roger Walkden told MCV. “We’re looking at comfortably getting that figure up to six figures – even half a million – by the end of the year. There are 400 million gamers worldwide that we can attract, so we have good reason to be confident.”
“We have had a few emails from people who have already registered and are impressed that we seem to have pulled off a ‘me too’ model of PS3 Home for PC. But they will have to wait and see how good this will get. In terms of download speed, Home is very much what we have got used to in the 21st Century. AWOMO will make that look prehistoric.”

Walkden promised that AWOMO was planning “four or five major PR and marketing promotions” in the next few weeks, which will take awareness of the venture outside of the specialist press.

Sony Denies PS3 Production, Price Cuts

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Earlier this week, Lazard Capital Markets stated that ”reports from Asia suggest that Sony has reduced production of PS3s, at least temporarily, which may suggest that a price cut is less likely this year.”

Sony could not disagree more.  The company’s director of corporate communications Nick Sharples dismissed the reports outright.

“I’m not aware of any cut in production. We have our forecast for the year for PS3 of ten million and that still stands. Of course, production is adjusted according to stock levels and requirements of different territories. The normal seasonal uplift towards the peak season will happen, but that’s completely normal,” he told MCV.

“There’s absolutely nothing that you can read from that. The idea of price certainly doesn’t follow on to any adjustment in production. Analysts may wish to think so, but there’s no basis of fact in any of it.  We announce when changes in price will happen and we don’t discuss them beforehand.”

GTA IV to be delayed, says Pachter

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Michael Pachter’s not short on predictions for PS3 owners. The Wedbush Morgan analyst recently made predictions that we could see the Take Two published GTA IV delayed by a few weeks. “We believe that it is possible that the company will choose to ‘throw in the towel’ on financial year 07 by shifting the release date for Grand Theft Auto IV by a few weeks, increasing the losses incurred this year and improving the company’s prospects for financial year 08,” he said.

He also stated that a wait of two weeks would also provide a larger gap between Halo 3 and GTA IV, helping sales of both titles. He surmised that the collectors’ edition could go out ‘some weeks’ before the standard edition, to ‘maximise revenues.’

The idea of getting hardcore fans to pay more for exclusive access to a game seems to be popular this console generation, with Microsoft practicing a similar pricing structure on Gears of War downloadable maps. However, unlike the Gears of War extra maps, the collectors’ edition should come with a few extras to sweeten the deal. More news on this one as we get it.

PS3 Will Not Get Gears Of War

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Mark Rein at Epic said that they are very happy with their relationship with Microsoft and Gears of War will not go to PS3.

Mark Rein written on a PS3 forum: Please remove that complete bullshit story about Gears going to PS3. Cliff Bleszinski has NEVER been quoted as “threatening Microsoft to port over Gears to the PS3”. We’re very happy with our relationship with Microsoft and are extremely grateful of everything they’ve done to help make Gears the huge success it has become. Part of that success came from being an Xbox 360 exclusive FIRST PARTY title and Microsoft getting behind it in a huge way. They’re the publisher of Gears of War and, unless they say otherwise, there is no chance Gears is coming to PS3. For PS3 we have Unreal Tournament 3 and it’s going to be fantastic.