September 30, 2005

New Playstation 3 pages

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I thought it would be useful to setup two Playstation 3 pages, containing respectively screenshots of the console and funny pictures of Playstation in general.

You can find them both inside the right menu’s pages box.

I am always happy to receive new material from You :) 


Playstation 3 Fakes

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Surfing the web, you can find many interesting things. 

In example, a lot of known and unknown artists  use to share their concept designs of hi-tech products, by publishing awesome pictures on forums and web magazines.

Some of them looking weird, some looking funny.

So, I decided to collect the best Playstation 3 fakes around, and to post them in those pages. Impressive, uh? :)

My favourite… elegance and style imbued in an amazing hi-tech design


this one is cool, as well :)


Good concept on this white ps3, interesting pic


oh well… this one looks quite old, doesn’t it? :)

Praise the Playstation 3 artists :)

September 29, 2005

Metal Gear Solid Blog

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Good news for us Metal Gear solid lovers.

One of the *hot minds* who generated the game, Hideo Kojima, just opened a bLog where he describes every step of the development phase.

This is the address… I know you can’t wait to visit it… but…

 Oh yeah! japanese users only allowed in. 

Ah Ah :)

Is there some volenterous Japanese guy around who’s going to help us to get something out of this – already hyperpopular – bLog?  

Looking for collaboration

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The Playstation 3 unofficial bLog is looking for collaboration.

I’m looking for writers to realize up-do-date contents together with me.

You should have:

– love for videogames (forbidden to nerds :)

– fluent english language / writing skills

– interest in the project

– some previous bLog / press work, or something I can look at

Actually this is not a work, so you (like me :) are not going to be paid a penny.

This is a start.

I’m looking for 2 partners max. at the moment :)

September 28, 2005

I Love WordPress

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I love

First time I saw a bLog I felt it wasn’t just a fashionable toy, but an excellent artistic creation; smooth, extremely sexy… Like iPod for mp3 readers, like Montblanc for pens.

Like Playstation for consoles (ok, forget this :)

I felt it had to be mine; I wanted my Playstation 3 bLog to be a WordPress bLog.

I went crazy to have an invitation, and when I finally obtained one it made me happy and excited; quite inusual for something so *simple*.

Now I know I wasn’t wrong: WordPress is alive, it’s beautiful, it’s unique. Thanks :)


Playstation 3 FAQ

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When I found out those great FAQs I couldn’t miss them. They are supposed to be always up to date and we are glad to put them on our pages.

We have to thank Rayzn – from official u.s. PS3 boards – for this bonanza!

Check the mighty FAQ here:

and find an answer for almost any Playstation 3 Question!

September 27, 2005

Tekken 6

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Ok, those are not news but I still lacked a Tekken 6 page :) 

If someone still doesn’t know about it, Tekken 6 will have the demonic Jin Kazama as its main character. You can take a look at the trailer at – personally, I’ve seen better trailers, but why missing it? :).

But even if the game will not be a perfect beat ’em up as Tekken 3, or a fascinating title like Tekken 5 (let’s forget about  Tekken 4 and Tekken Tag embarassing episodes), we’ll just hope it’s going to be fun.

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