December 30, 2005

PS3 coming out for CES

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Playstation UK website has revealed their plan of the coming CES on January 4, 2006 – The PS3 will be on the show!

As the 4th installment of the PS family, PS3 has been burdened with very important missions – The start point of the Cell processor; the trailbreaker for the Blu-ray standard; the reign of full-scale HD era… Too much to expect, and it’s very close.

Sony 2006 CES Official Website already launched and opened for event’s registrations days ago. Registrations for Sony 2006 CES can be done on the site,  [here].

December 29, 2005

Setting Up a PS3 Forum

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As on the title, I’m setting up a new PS3 Forum.

Take a look at

We’ll going to have fun there, guys :) be the first to register and ABSOLUTE BEWARE OF PS3 FANBOYS!

December 28, 2005

XBox 360 Cracked – First ISO available?

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I missed a pretty interesting article from CDFreaks a couple of weeks ago.

Let’s see :)

At the moment the Xbox360 is probably the most attractive option for crackers and therefore it comes at no suprise that people are already trying to bypass the security of this console. While it is expected that it will be very difficult and maybe even impossible, the DVD file system has already been determined and the first ISO has been released, for educational purposes of course.

The ISO has been released by a group called Team Pi and besides the release of the ISO they also made a tool available that helps in reading the files inside the ISO file. The ISO is pretty useless for normal users, it will not boot on the Xbox 360.

They also released an open-source tool to extract these releases (basicly it’s an ‘x360-ISO extractor’) so you can check out the files in the image. It will NOT work on original discs as a PC DVD-ROM can’t read those. Just like the original Xbox (xdvdfs) the 360 does not use the ISO9660 or UDF filesystem for the content on game DVDs. This tools allows you to extract the files from an image in the ‘Xbox 360 DVD file system’, it does NOT bypass the protection that prevents you from reading an original Xbox 360 disc on your PC.

Haha :) Cool. That’s why I love Playstation 3’s Blu-Ray!

December 27, 2005

XBox 360 Malfunctioning?

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I just found out this comment in the comment list of the XBox vs PS3 price war:


Message: I got a new xbox 360 for Christmas and the driver is already malfunctioning;  have to put my games in over and over again to get them to load right; i am going to take my 360 back to circuit city tomorrow, and hopefully I will get my money back; man, I am pissed off; These new generation game systems are said to be so great, but this is ridiculous; they put all this effort into making better graphics, but they can even design an efficient driver; well I can go on and on about how mad I am; JUST WANTED TO LET YOU ALL KNOW ABOUT THIS PROBLEM.

Well.. nice to know :)

This is the Holy punishment for early Microsoft buyers!

Microsoft keeps giving out MALFUNCTIONING things. Just like Windows.

December 26, 2005

Vampire’s Rain Screenshots

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Vampires Rain4.jpg
Vampires Rain5.jpg
Vampires Rain21.jpg
Vampires Rain6.jpg
Vampires Rain-Woman.jpg
Vampires Rain7.jpg
Vampires Rain3.jpg

Vampire’s Rain Screenshots for your pleasure :)

There are more available, will add them to this page soon.

PS3 Developer Kit is slow. Extremely slow.

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I found this on PS3Updates today:


The current Playstation 3 developers kit is 10X slower than it should be according to an executive who spoke on condition of anonymity to BusinessWeek.

Sony’s next Playstation will feature high-definition DVD playback and a custom multi-core Cell processor.

According to the publication, Sony failed to deliver an upgraded graphics chip from Nvidia in Nov. to game developers.

“The graphics chip was supposed to be ready by November. But we’re still waiting,” the exec said.

Sony dazzled media and analysts at the 2005 Electronics Entertainment Expo in May on behavioral physics demonstrations using the Cell processor and Nvidia’s new RSX GPU.

However, the authenticity of the demonstrations where questioned after several pieces of footage looked like video playback rather than demonstrations produced on hardware.

In 2000, Sony boasted aspects of the Playstation 2’s Emotion Engine processor that would allow developers to render human emotion through digital media. However the hype stopped dead when the console’s launch games failed to produce visuals close to what the company had initially demonstrated.

Sony and Microsoft have locked in a tussle over the power of their respective next-generation offerings.

Sony Computer Entertainment Worldwide Studios president Phil Harrison told that the Xbox 360 is not and true HD console, citing its lack 1080p resolution and high-definition DVD playback.

* My Review *

When I was a game developer my life was a hell :)… I hope they are not asking those guys to work on such a slow platform. It must be fixed first.

When will PS3 be released in Europe? September!

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Yes, it’s like PS3 will be released in less than a year in the old continent.

Source is Kotaku – that I trust as one of the best online gaming magazines – but don’t be too excited, they are still just rumors.

They come from a guy who heard it from another guy that owns a shop in Scandinavia.

Well, this is an interesting source :P I also work for a videogames shop and they know NOTHING :)

So sorry…

When will PS3 be released in Europe? NOBODY KNOWS YET.

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