October 31, 2006

Monster Developing Exclusive PS3 Cables

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Monster Cable announced earlier today exclusive cables for the PlayStation 3. These cables will increase PS3’s audio and video performance, but to also “complement the sleek, clean profile of the console.” You can find the cables at all major retail stores for $30 to $100.

“The PlayStation 3 is a state-of-the-art entertainment platform,” said Noel Lee, The Head Monster at Monster Cable. “But experiencing its exceptional audio and video capabilities means it’s crucial to properly connect it with high-performance cables – something that’s not found inside the box. The PS3’s HD games and 1080p-capable Blu-ray Disc movies can be amazing, but not when you hook it up with inferior or general-use cables. That’s why we crafted GameLink specifically for the PS3 — so it could be enjoyed the way it was truly meant to be experienced.”

October 30, 2006

More Viral Coded Secrets Revealed

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Ever since Sony started the website playbeyond.com, there have been a lot of things going on there. First was the weird coded symbols and you had to punch in certain codes that match up with the alphabetic code, to get exclusive content (ex. Chimera – Resistance In-Game Footage). Now just a few weeks ago, we haven’t seen that, and now they have replaced that, with movies explaining the PS3 like “Smarter” and “Capacity” and more on the way. So whatever happened to the coded symbols, well I’ll give you a hint, they are still there, but this time with more codes to crack.

Remember about a week ago, we reported that one of our insiders in L.A. found the weird Heavenly Sword coded thing in the hair (click here)? Well one of our readers living in NYC found more of these images posted on a wall in an unknown area of New York. Now the reader, who recently sent me this story, also told me some more interesting facts.

Now to get the coded symbols to come up on the playbeyond.com website. First, you know where the PS3 is in the bottom right corner, well zoom on that three times, and you see the green power button, click on that three times. Then zoom out, or show all, and you’ve got the coded symbols back. Now for cracking them. He said that on the first picture entitled “exclusive.jpg”, it is just like the American alphabet translated into symbols. In order to do this you will need the alphabetic cracked symbols sheet, which can be found on the site. In order to see new wallpapers and video footage of Heavenly Sword, you must correctly crack the codes. The user sent me 3 exclusive, never-before-seen pictures, which according to him, are all translatable for Heavenly Sword content.

So why don’t you give it a try. Not only is it an amazing find for us, but it seems that we may have found the solution to the playbeyond website after all. The pictures are on links listed below, and you can Google for the alphabetic cracked codes to punch them in correctly. Good Luck.

October 28, 2006

Toys”R”Us Accepting PlayStation 3 Pre-Orders!

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Didn’t get the chance to pre-order your PlayStation 3 at GameStop? Well now you can get a second chance of pre-ordering your PS3 at Toys”R”Us tomorrow! I recommend calling your local store first, as mines has a huge line waiting already at 2:54PM and they have already reached their max. The deposit required to pre-order PlayStation 3 will be $50.

October 20, 2006

Breaking News: PS3 Ads in L.A. Contains More Than Just a Ad

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Today, one of our ps3.net editors recently went downtown in Los Angeles and found these startling images about the PS3 and the exclusive PS3 title “Heavenly Sword”.

If you take a look at these pictures without zooming in or anything, they just look like a PS3 ad, with a picture of Heavenly Sword, which is one of the very few exclusive/most wanted games for the PS3. Exactly like the recent PS3 ads in NYC with clocks melting and “PlayB3yond” phrase on the bottom of the PS3 in the ad. But If you look closer, especially at the hair, you can see coded symbols, similar to the coded symbols to the Play Beyond website, and similar enough that you can unsolved that code and get a secret piece of information about Heavenly Sword.

Now I’ve actually tried cracking it and I’ve haven’t been successful. I tried all different combinations and tried to take all the letters out and see if I have to unscramble something and type in the unscrambled word, but it still doesn’t work. But this is a nice find by our editors, because it shows how Sony is advertising the PS3 not just through ads and commercials in movie theatres, but also through viral coding on ads. So I think Sony is trying to get us all into this viral-coding-symbol-cracking thing to get some in-depth, exclusive content. Only question is, how are you going to crack it and what lies behind that code?

Why don’t you give it a try, and if you find it out, then go to our forums and tell us how you got it. Go up to 2nd Paragraph and look for the clickable word “Play Beyond”, which will directly take you to playbeyond website, and use these pictures to figure it out. An Update will come if I get it or whoever gets it.

October 17, 2006

Playstation 3 interface in detail

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Eurogamer wrote a very extensive article about the upcoming Playstation 3 online network. How it’s going to work and what kind of new features will we be seeing in the future? Of course one of the main questions is whether it can compete with Xbox Live or not.

The article starts out by telling a little bit of history about Sony’s previous online attempts. We know that Sony was theoretically first with bringing people an online network, but then Microsoft launched Xbox Live. Xbox Live quickly became way more popular than Sony’s network, not in absolute numbers but in percentages of people who used the service. At this date Sony has the largest amount of online users, but that’s only because of their user base which is an impressive 5 times bigger.

The Playstation 3 network is built from the ground up and doesn’t have much to do with its predecessor. It’s completely redesigned to profit from the superior PS3 hardware. Every console will be shipped with a hard drive which means 2 things: Every console will be able to go online and secondly, it’ll allow you to dowload updates for your operating system which can add new features or improve previous ones. Previously this was quite a pain in the ass because to configure your network settings you had to boot up a special disk to connect to Central Station which was quite time consuming and when an updated version came out you had to order a new CD from Sony. Luckily Sony does have some experience in the downloadable update field, the PSP also uses this technique and we’ve seen quite a bit of new features and improvements there.

When booting up the Playstation 3 you’re presented with the Cross Media Bar, a row of icons each representing some functions. Some icons are new, but most icons are familiar to PSP users. Settings, Photo, Music, Video, Game, User Profiles and Network are the categories of which you can choose.

No, we’re really here for the new buttons on the bar. On the far left, the first thing you highlight when you log in is called User Profiles. On the far right, you’ve got two buttons called Network (which appeared on the PSP in a firmware update) and Friends. User Profiles looks like a little house with a smiling face on it; Network is a globe; Friends is two little houses with smiling faces sort of touching, in a platonic way. They’re friends, you see. Friendly houses.

The user profiles icon is new and it’s quite obvious what it does. It’s very similar, if not an exact replica of the Xbox 360’s user profiles. It allows you to personalize the Playstation 3 and it saves all your settings. If you’ve got a partner or just some friends visiting you all the time to play with your new toy, you can have them make their own profile. When you sign in you’re automatically logged in the Playstation Network.

The network icon allows you to open a pretty advanced internet browser and visit Playstatic. It really doesn’t do that much more according to Eurogamer. The friends icon on the other hand is pretty interesting. When you open this baby you get two types of icons, friends and icons which allow you to manage your Playstation Network account. There are two types of accounts, a master account and associated accounts. The latter is usefull for families where parents are able to put limits on their kids accounts for example so they won’t spend too much dough in the Playstation Store.

At heart, there are two types of PlayStation Network account – a master account, and an associated account. The chances are that most gamers will use master accounts, but associated accounts will be especially useful for families – where, for example, a parent (who holds a master account) wants to be able to limit the amount that their kids (with associated accounts) can spend in the PlayStation Store.

Now what can you do with your friends? Well, just the basic stuff like checking if they’re online, sending messages, checking if you’ve received new messages and last but not least, voice- and videochat. The accessories to make this happen have been announced but a release date is unknown.

And then there’s the Playstation store, which is very similar to the Xbox Live Marketplace and it’ll allow you to download demos, purchase content and manage subscriptions to whatever services Sony will think of, Eurogamer said every transaction goes through Sony so if you purchase a subscription to a MMORPG, you give your money to Sony and they’ll work it out with the game’s publisher.

Far from being just a simple list of things you can download, it’s a really attractive interface which highlights key content and lets you filter all of the available bits and pieces according to your own preferences – so even when there are thousands of pieces of content on the store, which doesn’t seem improbable, it’ll still be easy to find what you want. The Store also utilizes a shopping cart – so it’s easy to browse through items, find the stuff you want, and then go to a checkout page where you proceed to make a sad face and empty the whole cart again, just like we do on Amazon about four times a week.

Sony is one of the biggest movie and music companies in the world and they’re already selling music digitally. There are no official plans to make movies or music available in the shop, but Eurogamer is pretty sure this might happen in the future. Sony already announced a while ago that you’ll be able to download Playstation and Playstation 2 classics that you’ve missed out on in the past.

It may not end there. Sony, after all, is one of the biggest music and movie companies in the world – and it already operates a music store, Connect. While no official plans to allow you to download music and movies directly to your PS3 have been announced, Sony insiders are adamant that that is on the roadmap for the service – so within a short space of time, the money in your Wallet could be used to buy any type of digital entertainment you fancy.

There have been some rumors that the Playstation Network wouldn’t be available at launch but Phil Harrison said it exists, it’s working and will launch alongside the console. At this point we can’t really tell whether Xbox Live or the Playstation Network is better than the other. Both of these services have their pros and cons, Xbox Live allows you to send messages or chat with a friend even during a game, but the Playstation network is free on the other hand. It’s obvious that Sony studied its competitor and learned/copied quite a bit of them. We know Microsoft had their initial problems with server capacity and so forth, and only time will tell if Sony is able to deal with these sort of problems. One thing is for sure, we got exciting competitive times ahead of us!

October 15, 2006

eBay cracks down on PlayStation 3 auctions

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Online auction house eBay has decided to halt all PlayStation 3 auctions for the time being. According to a post in the eBay Trust & Safety forum, those listing PlayStation 3 systems for sale have had their listings pulled. In addition, eBay is putting very stringent requirements in place for any future listings of the next-gen consoles: sellers need to provide eBay with a copy of their drivers license or other ID, copy of a credit card statement or utility bill with their current address, an invoice or receipt showing “purchase or posession” of the consoles, and written acknowledgement of agreement with eBay’s policies.

Last week, preorders for both Sony’s and Nintendo’s consoles began. Allocations for the PS3 were very limited, and the GameStop/EB Games chain went through their entire preallocation of systems in a matter of hours. Wii preorders began on Friday, and once again, the retail outlets went through their anticipated stock very quickly—much more quickly than some gamers expected.

As was the case last year with the launch of the Xbox 360, a number of early adopters appear to be capitalists first and gamers second, hoping to flip their systems quickly on eBay for two or three times what they paid for them. As a result, within hours of the preorders starting, PS3s and Wiis began showing up on eBay.

In some cases, eBay allows users to sell items that they do not physically have in their possession. However, any item offered as a “presale” must be within the seller’s possession within 30 days of the auction ending. eBay’s subsidiary PayPal has an even more stringent policy, forbidding any sale where the seller cannot guarantee or “reasonably expect” the item to be shipped within 20 days of the purchase date.

A search of eBay’s listings found a handful of PS3s in the search results, but clicking on individual auction listings returned a message that the item had been removed or is no longer available. In contrast, auctions for preordered Nintendo Wiis are being allowed to proceed for the time being. That may change if eBay believes the Wii will be as difficult to come by as the PS3 is anticipated to be.

The PlayStation 3 launch expected to echo that of the Xbox 360 in terms of the supply of consoles available, with only 400,000 allocated for the North American launch next month. Last year, eBay was inundated with Xbox 360 listings, with many sellers who had preordered systems unable to deliver their consoles to auction winners in a timely fashion. It made eBay look bad, and the auction house appears eager this time around to avoid the kind of problems experienced last year.

October 4, 2006

Sony PlayStation 3 Controller Receives A Name

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As Sony ramps up for its November 11 release of the PlayStation 3 (PS3) gaming console, it’s gone and named its wireless controller the tongue twisting, alphabet-soup-like SIXAXIS. Mkay, presumably they dubbed it that slips-off-the-tounge moniker because it can control things six ways, or in six directions, or axes (axises?). I get it. According to our sharp-tongued yet pasty-faced gaming colleagues at Kotaku, the Bluetooth- and USB-compatible controller will be included in the box with the PS3, and will run for 30 hours on a charge. If you want to buy one separately, it will start selling on November 11 for $43.

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