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Would you like to advertise on the most popular PlayStation 3 bog? Well then, Playstation 3 bLog is the website for you. Thousands of PlayStation 3 fanatics on a daily basis would view your website/product. We rank high in all major search engines, so we would definitely be able to help improve the ranking of your website in the search engines if you were to advertise with us.

Send all advertising inquires to:

Current Advertising Rates
(We accept purchase through PayPal, Checks and Money Orders.) 

120×600 Skyscraper Ad (All Pages)
$120.00 USA/One week, $200.00 USA/Two weeks

120×60 Button Ad (All pages)
$65.00 USA/One week

88×30 Box Ad (All pages)
$30.00 USA/One week

Text Link Under Navigation Bar
$100.00 USA/Two weeks

Advertising Rates may change at any time without notice. Offers valid only if space is available.


  1. love your blog. hopefully in the future when i have more traffic we can do some linking. Thanks.

  2. Rian said,

    Would love to link up in the near future. I’m just getting my PS3 blog off the ground, but I should get some major traffic in the next few months as I’m studying SEO and Net marketing. Becoming partners can be very beneficial for both of us.

  3. Ronan said,


    I am the webmaster for and and am currently looking to affiliate with other Playstation 3 sites. As one way links are better for search engine optimization I purpose that I would add you site to my affiliates section (bottom of site) and In return you would link to my that way we both benefit more.

    I can add you site to the affiliates section on my homepage or at the bottom of every page on my site depending on what you can offer in return. If this is of interest to you let me know.

    My site details are:

    Anchor Text: Playstation 3 Leagues UK


    Desciption: Set up your own UK Playstation 3 Leagues, PS3 Tournaments and Clan Pages or chat on our forum boards.

    Thanks for your time,

  4. Simon said,

    man you do know you are breaking wordpress rules for advertising unless you have more than 60 million views and have $250 a month spare in your pocket advertising is banned!!! The truth and i have my own wordpress blog at but will reveal my username or email so just comment on my site if you have something to say to me!!!

  5. PS3 Pad said,

    Your first sentence says PlayStation bog!

    Anyway, we would like to advertise so should I just post in here? – PS3 Pad PlayStation 3 website. Aimed mainly at UK PS3 owners but you US and Aussies are more than welcome. The forum has just been launched and we will give A FREE PS3 game to one of the first 150 registered users on the forum. – The PlayStation 3 hang out

  6. I have a PlayStation blog and

    We are getting more and more traffic. I would like to exchange links with you. Please reply.

  7. D Warner said,

    Hi there

    I’ll be more than happy to exchange links if you wish :)

    Kindest Regards
    Davin Warner

    PSP Blogger – PlayStation® Portable Fansite

  8. $100 for some text for 2 weeks? Damn!!

  9. playstation3 said,

    To exchange links contact me at with your website name and link. Thanks.

  10. its kool said,

    wow its great

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