Playstation 3 Games

I’m building this page as a catalog for all Playstation 3 Games. Soon all images will have links pointing to screenshots pages :). This is an always-up-to-date page, so visit it frequently. Playstation 3 Screenshots are copyright and courtesy of Sony Playstation, related gaming software houses and gaming networks (IGN, GameSpot, GamersHell, etc.) Please let me know if you’ve got something new :)

devil may cry 4Kill ZonePossessionSonic PS3Fatal InertiaEyedentifyFormula 1Heavenly SwordNi-OhMotor StormFifth PhantomUnreal PS3

Titles in the Playstation 3 games list:


    – Devil May Cry 4 

    – Fifth Phantom Saga

    – Kill Zone 

    – Ni-Oh 

    – Possession

Fighting / Beat ’em Up

    – Heavenly Sword


    – Sonic PS3 


    – Fatal Inertia   

    – Formula 1 PS3

    – Motor Storm

Role Playing Games

    – Eyedentify 

    – Fifth Phantom Saga

    – Kill Zone 

    – Possession

Shoot ’em up

    – Unreal


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  2. Daniel said,

    I can’t wait to get a PS3 and rent these games! Yeah, rent atGamefly. For $10 bucks I can play any of these games. You can try it out for free, n they’ll ship it to your home…kind of crazy for them if you ask me, but it works

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    Xbox…sucks big time….and ps3……..nothing special at all. We all know that consoles are produced to approach 12-14 years old children like all of you. Games with content and depth like…keep pressing the X button as fast as you can. True games are only released for PCs.

  7. ghost said,

    i have to say i’ve read all the posts and i think to make the most out of the ps3 sony needs to reduce the price of there games not the console. I know if i buy a 360 i’ll be paying 250 quid and forking out another 30 quid a game i would much rather buy a ps3 for 400 quid and only spend 15 20 a game this would sell more games and show people the power of the hardware they’ve tried so desperately to implement.
    This would also increase sales of blu-ray discs and make movie companies look towards blu-ray rather than hd. Once this happens then the 360 would reduce in popularity and sony would have driven there biggest competitor out of the market, if you ask me sony needs to think about there games prices because they either knock them down now or wait for them to fall by them selfs the only difference is if they knock them down they will be heros otherwise they’ll have a dead console and little chance of bringing out a 4th.

  8. twat said,

    every thing suks exept for PS3

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  12. said,

    I still have hope for the PS3 its a great console

  13. joey said,

    Man the ps3 is the best fuck the rest (X Box360) BLU RAY!!!

  14. ABC said,

    Playstation 3 has only few games.

  15. Ps3 on ur Head said,

    Fuck the xbox we play online for FREE !!

  16. PS3 games are equally as good as XBOX games in my opinion. Played and completed alot of these games. Great list.

  17. bob lee gold said,

    ha the ps3 is the best thind to man

  18. bob lee gold said,

    so is eny one here

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