April 18, 2007

Sony Working On 80GB PS3 Model?

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– Rumors are beginning to resurface regarding Sony developing a larger hard drive for PlayStation 3 following comments from Sony spokesperson Satoshi Fukoka.

“For users who vigorously store [games and other entertainment content] in the PS3, 20GB is probably going to be to small” said Fukoka in an interview with Reuters.

He added, “Even 60GB may not be big enough eventually.”

Fukoka said that none of the inside components of PS3 would be alter with the larger hard drive model. “We are not likely to change its core components and functions such as the Cell, RSX, Blu-ray drive and network capability,” he said.

Sony has already filed an FCC application for an 80GB model.

April 11, 2007

Breaking News: Sony Discontinues PS3’s 20GB Model

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Sony has officially announced that they will discontinue selling the $499 20GB PlayStation 3 model. Retail stores online and offline have already stopped selling the 20GB model, including Sony’s own SonyStyle e-tailer.

“Due to the overwhelming demand for the 60GB model from both retailers and consumers, we have ceased offering the 20GB model here in North America. In addition to the larger internal hard drive, the 60GB PlayStation 3 features added storage media slots and built-in Wi-Fi not found in the 20GB system. Based on retailer and consumer feedback, we have decided to focus our current efforts on the more popular 60GB model” said Dave Karraker, Sr. Director, Corporate Communications at SCEA.

The 20GB models that are still available at select retail stores will continue to sell for $499. If you were to purchase a 20GB PlayStation 3 in the future don’t worry as it will still be “100% supported with software and services, since all PS3s have the same basic architecture (unlike if MSFT were to stop selling their Core system, which would allow publishers to actually use their hard drive for gaming purposes, leaving the Core user out in the cold),” said Karraker.

SOCOM Promotional Videos Released

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I came across some entertaining videos to promote the web reality series SOCOM Hell Week Season Two. Each video was created by Sony and is definitely worth checking out.

The first video is Pukefest and it’s basically what the title reads…puking. You can view the video here.

The second video is Second Thoughts and is the funnier of the two. The guys in this video are second thinking going to the training due to the hard work. Nice video. Click here to view it.

April 10, 2007

GTA IV Details Revealed

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Rockstar Games revealed the name of the playable character in Grand Theft Auto IV will be Niko Bellic. It was also revealed that GTA IV will be an all new Grand Theft Auto with a realistic New York and characters that fits the environment.

April 4, 2007

God of War 2 Remix Video Released

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A new video showcasing God of War 2 has been posted by a random fan. Whoever put it together did a pretty good job of doing so. The graphics for the game looks very good. You can view the God of War 2 remix video by clicking here.

April 1, 2007

PlayStation Loses Metal Gear Solid Exclusivity

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It has been confirm that Metal Gear Solid will no longer be a PlayStation exclusive, and that the fourth edition of the game will make its debut on the Xbox 360.

At source at Konami said “Yes, in fact, we are working on putting Metal Gear Solid 4 on the Xbox 360 and PC, which should both come out roughly 6 months after the PS3 release. However, we’ve been working with Microsoft so the 360 and PC versions will both take advantage of Xbox Live and Games for Windows Live, with such features as achievements and the ability for 360 and PC owners to play against each other in multiplayer.

I’d love to give you some more details, but this is already pushing it. We are making the big announcement July 11th at this year’s E3, so you’ll just have to wait until then. Sorry!”