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  1. Shawn said,

    hey i was wondering if there is a list or something of what stores in what states will be selling the ps3?


  2. xios said,


    why would one buy a PS3 instead of a Xbox 360?
    is it because the PS3 is more expensive?
    Or because the playstation parts are build in in ethically responsible circumstances that insures quality that will last much longer than the Xbox 360?


  3. Tim Meloon said,

    I was wondering if you have received any complaints about the CompUSA scam with the bundle of a 40 inch HDTV and the PS3. I was supposedly number six on the waiting list and then I found out that it was a nationwide waiting list for all CompUSA stores. Any info would be appreciated.

  4. Stephen Mann said,

    Ebay’s Hidden Security Problem; Over the last two weeks I have been tracking and reporting Nigerian scam bidders on Ebay electronics, Laptop Computers, Playstation 3’s and various other game/computer auctions. 800+ Reported so far and I think I am wasting my time. I cannot understand how this much fake activity stays under the radar. Security should be number one but as things stand, it is on the bottom of the list. Check this search of completed auctions I do every morning. —- —- The most activity is between 00: hundred hours to 9:00 AM PST (ebay time) 90+ % of these won closed auctions are Nigerian Scams, do a bidder history search on any winning user to see the pattern. Good Luck to anyone trying to sell electronics that does not apply the paypal only payment method. Ebay has the technology to track users by their computer IP address which is what they use when suspected shill bidding is going on. Many people have been caught bidding on their own auctions with another account which was created on the same computer. I found one scam-bidder that had created 57 accounts with the only difference being the number at the end of his name. 01 to 57. Update on this one, he is up into the 120’s now. As soon as Ebay cancels one of his accounts, another is created. Another I found this morning has created over 900 accounts over the past year. After an auction ends the buyer sends the seller a fake Paypal notice of payment completed. If the seller does not suspect a problem they very well could and have shipped the package before realizing the scam. Thanks for your time to read this. If this sounds like a good story please let me know. I have compiled quite a lot of information on this issue. Stephen Mann, Winter Haven, Fl

  5. Martin said,

    Omfg, this blog is soooo cool, very useful for ps3 info and stuff see you later m8s

  6. Peter said,

    Awesome Blog about ps3’s

    will definately be coming back here

  7. Bob said,

    Very nice blog, will use again.

  8. rossi cudmore said,

    can u connect to the internet gaming through wireless connection on the ps3 or do you need some kind of lead for that

  9. said,

    I love the PS3 console. Just need more game lets get moving sony

  10. sima said,

    dont music now

    martiez jey-gi

  11. Tom said,

    Hey how you doing? If you fancy a link exchange just visit my blog and drop me a line. Cheers.

  12. Mezzo said,

    Hi How Are you i have a news that i thought might be a good post for PLAYSTATION 3 Readers to know about.

    Killzone 2 Available Early In Middle East.

    here is the link to it.

    It would be great if you link it.

    Thank you very much.

  13. jeannicole said,

    i have a ps3 and i would like to know if i can play PS3 on a regular tv, like the oldversion of sony that’s still shaped into a box…because someone told me that you can only play ps3 on a LCD and if you use the PS3 on a tv that has 600hp and not 1080 like an LCD the tendency is that the PS3 will break…is this true?

  14. brandon said,

    i was wondering whats wrong with ps3 online for call of duty world at war. it just keeps saying getting match quality and never ends. i have to keep messing around for hours to get one match.

  15. Sandra kinyanna said,

    I would like to be a tester .

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