Playstation 3 pictures

As it seems like we are all excited about Playstation 3, I decided to create a page for Sony Playstation 3 pictures, so that You folks can look at the mighty console and cry as it’s still a dream :)

Please keep in mind that all of the Playstation 3 pictures you’ll see above are unofficial a/o subject to radical changes over time.

Have you got news about new (official) Playstation 3 pictures released? Let us know immediately! Thanks and… have fun!

Ok…. someone in the world still missed this one?

Another perspective

The Playstation 3 funny banana-controller

All of those Playstation 3 pictures are copyright of their respective authors.


  1. Am Daniel chibuzor opana am from Nigeria ilove the game is so fantastic i would like you company to send me a free play station 3 console i love all your games my adress is block4 flat4 mobile police barracks carwash busstop idimu lagos nigeriua iwould appreciate if my request is granted am looking forward for your wonderful reply

  2. don said,

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  3. thomas said,

    i like the banana controler and the ps3 grill

  4. i like ps3 but i dont have money to purchase it but i can pay installmentally

  5. should jou thinking kh 1 or kh 2 or kh 3 comes on the ps3 :o
    :p if it should i should running the shop inn :p

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