November 27, 2006

Sony To Ship 100,000 PS3’s Weekly

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Sony will be shipping off 100,000 PS3 units each week to all retail stores. There goal is to ship off one million PlayStation 3 units by the end of the year.

Expect to find the consoles in the stores on Friday’s. There isn’t expected to be more than six PlayStation 3’s at each store. Call your local retailers to confirm that they have the PlayStation 3’s before making the trip.

Kojima Wants The PS3 To Rumble Again

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Hideo Kojima recently said in an interview with Official PlayStation Magazine, “The controls in MGS3 got a little complex, so you’ll have a little more direct control in MGS4. That said, I miss the rumble and even now I hope it will come back.”

He also commented on using the motion-sensing technology for Metal Gear Solid 4, “We can’t say how we’ll use the motion-sensing functionality specifically but we’ll use it for sure.”

Silent Hill 5 Coming To PlayStation 3?

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It is being reported that Silent Hill 5 is currently under development and will be available on the PlayStation 3.

This has not been confirmed by Konami, so we will keep you updated on this news story as it develops.

November 22, 2006

Stores To Sell PS3’s On Black Friday

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There are expected to be a limited number of PlayStation 3’s sold on Black Friday, November 24.

I have been in contact with Brands Mart, whom have yet to sell PlayStation 3’s and they have confirmed that they will indeed be selling their PS3’s this Friday.

┬áBest Buy is expected to sell 2-6 PS3’s as well.

November 19, 2006

Website Offering PS3 Bundles With Free Overnight Shipping

Posted in General at 12:34 am by playstation3 has begun offering bundles for the PlayStation 3 60GB and 20GB consoles.

The bundles include video games such as Madden NFL 07, Call of Duty 3, NBA 2K7, and Resistance: Fall of Man, an extra Sixaxis controller, and Mission Impossible III (Blu-Ray DVD).

There are a limited amount of bundles available from the website. This is a trusted website, and they provide images of their 11 PlayStation 3’s. Click here for the proof of PS3’s.

Click here to order your PlayStation 3!

November 18, 2006

eBay Loaded With PS3’s – Prices Are Low

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There are over 29,000 PlayStation 3 units listed on eBay. That is 10% of the consoles that were received at launch. It was expected for the console to sell for no less than $2000 on eBay, but due to the amount of PS3’s being sold you can find one for as low as $900.

More PlayStation 3 Shipments Coming Soon

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Sony has confirmed that more shipments of the PlayStation 3 are on their way!

“We are getting a second shipment next week, probably around the middle of next week,” Matt Levitan , marketing and public relations manager for Sony Computer Entertainment of Canada, told CBC News Online on Friday. “We’ll know by Monday or Tuesday when they will be available.

“We are flying in shipments from Japan and China, and will probably ship them directly to retail” instead of to Sony’s warehouses, he said.

Lavitan expects for there to be four or five shipments of the PlayStation 3 before the end of the year.

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