January 30, 2006

Migrating to Ps3 forums

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Hi :) as long as WordPress doesn’t allow me to handle my bLog (i.e. by adding javascript and advertising, to edit themes etc.) I’m not writing here anymore.

Instead, you will find me at my lovely new Ps3 forum

But I’ll come back a couple of weeks before PS3 comes out to restart this blog’s activity.

Cheers :)


January 11, 2006

Blu-ray Disc Specifications – Closer to reality

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Good news from Blu-ray Disc Association, the group working on the super-expected next generation discs. The development  team has finally completed the specification of Blu-ray disc format, and already started licensing BD-ROM, BD-RE, BD-R.

BDA announced (Jan 2) that the specifications of BD-R and BR-RE2.0 were completed on December 26, 2005. Well, we didn’t know :) or – at least – I didn’t.

By the way, Blu-ray disks using the specifications of single layer (25GB) and double layer (50GB) of BD will join the market starting from Spring. Yahoo!!!

January 8, 2006

…And happy ps3 year :)

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Well… maybe I forgot it, maybe not.

Anyway :) happy ps3 year.

All this blog and my forums (that – in case you still didn’t visit them – you can find at http://www.ps3-forums.org)  floats around ps3, so… this should really be a great year for our little community.

…and I’ll be here until PS4 :)

January 6, 2006

Samsung BD-1000 new Blu Ray player. And PS3?

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samsung bd 1000 blu ray player

Samsung is working on a new Blu Ray player, the BD-1000. 

Misteries of the market… 

It’s going to ship this spring (United States only).

What does it mean? 

Simple… Probably, PS3 will NOT be released in the Spring.

Let’s cross fingers…

Sony at CES 2006 – blah

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Oh yeah! International Ces (consumer electronics show) 2006! What did you expect? A real PS3 in action? Mmm… some extra-exciting trailer? News about the controller? Well… you’ll be glad to know that…

There was nothing :). Well… almost nothing.

Everyone is hungry for news about next-generation (that – since Xbox 360 came out – can be considered actual-generation).

What a big disappointment.

American TG Daily reported that Sony representatives denied that any sort of PS3 announcement would be made at CES. If true, this means that while the PS3 will be at CES, you shouldn’t expect any new information regarding launch titles, launch date, or estimated price.

Also, a Sony’s PlayStation representative denied that the company would be making any PlayStation 3 related announcements at CES 2006.

His words:

“Although we are participating in many CES activities with Sony, we have no new announcements on PlayStation 3 planned at this time.” Sony Corporation has planned special announcements on Wednesday evening and Thursday morning, that will probably involve the PS3.

BTW, Sony has already launched their Official CES Site. Zillions of visits, naturally.

:( and no tasteful news for PS3 Fanboys. Well… they don’t need any to be happy.

But… Wait! We have something new.

In example, the Sony Developer Kit that’s going to come out:

Sony has shipped over 4,000 development kits to the developers according to Sony’s announcement on CES 2006. It is good to know this fact. Hope we could see some great lineups soon.


And..? Yeah! Blu Ray and HD Dvd discs’ case design! Yahoo! Exciting! Wowie!  

In facts, through all the rumors about CES 2006, we managed to find out images representing the case design for both disc formats.

The Blu Ray’s case is a semitransparent plastic one, with blue (did u guess it?) color and the Blu-ray logo on the top.

The HD-DVD’s case is semitransparent plastic as well, coloured in red and with the HD DVD logo on the top.

Well… we have differences in logos and colors, and that’s all.
Here are images of the blu ray cases:

blu ray cases 2 ps3 blu ray cd case blue

But who knows… Maybe they still have some hidden surprise in their CES bag…


January 2, 2006

Migrating your Playstation 3 comments to the forum

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I’m going to register many of you to my PS3 forums and to migrate some of your comment posts there.

You’ll be able to enter your account using this data:

Username: your comments’ username

Password: your comments’ email (you’ll be able to change it, obviously.)
Give it a try!

Sony PS3 at CES 2006

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[From PS Boards]
Sony announces launch plans for japan only and then in E3 06 they will anounce U.S launch plans for the Fall. So there is a margin of doubt they will do a worldwide release in spring 06.
But Sony has a LOT of other things to present, more than Playstation 3.
It’s possible (and probable) that Playstation 3 won’t be presented at all.
Anyway, many news are reporting about the 360 having flopped in Japan. Well…
Xbox 360 isn’t a bad console, but Sony has a lock on Japan. They aren’t worried there.
Then, after all this chatting about the 360 and PS3 war, it looks like Nintendo beated out Sony this year. The DS was #1 above the PSP and even the PS2.

I wouldn’t count Nintendo out of the game yet.

It’s a different market, yeah, portables don’t have to compete with consoles.
But Nintendo is an experienced family. Let’s see :)

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