January 11, 2006

Blu-ray Disc Specifications – Closer to reality

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Good news from Blu-ray Disc Association, the group working on the super-expected next generation discs. The development  team has finally completed the specification of Blu-ray disc format, and already started licensing BD-ROM, BD-RE, BD-R.

BDA announced (Jan 2) that the specifications of BD-R and BR-RE2.0 were completed on December 26, 2005. Well, we didn’t know :) or – at least – I didn’t.

By the way, Blu-ray disks using the specifications of single layer (25GB) and double layer (50GB) of BD will join the market starting from Spring. Yahoo!!!

January 6, 2006

Samsung BD-1000 new Blu Ray player. And PS3?

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samsung bd 1000 blu ray player

Samsung is working on a new Blu Ray player, the BD-1000. 

Misteries of the market… 

It’s going to ship this spring (United States only).

What does it mean? 

Simple… Probably, PS3 will NOT be released in the Spring.

Let’s cross fingers…

Sony at CES 2006 – blah

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Oh yeah! International Ces (consumer electronics show) 2006! What did you expect? A real PS3 in action? Mmm… some extra-exciting trailer? News about the controller? Well… you’ll be glad to know that…

There was nothing :). Well… almost nothing.

Everyone is hungry for news about next-generation (that – since Xbox 360 came out – can be considered actual-generation).

What a big disappointment.

American TG Daily reported that Sony representatives denied that any sort of PS3 announcement would be made at CES. If true, this means that while the PS3 will be at CES, you shouldn’t expect any new information regarding launch titles, launch date, or estimated price.

Also, a Sony’s PlayStation representative denied that the company would be making any PlayStation 3 related announcements at CES 2006.

His words:

“Although we are participating in many CES activities with Sony, we have no new announcements on PlayStation 3 planned at this time.” Sony Corporation has planned special announcements on Wednesday evening and Thursday morning, that will probably involve the PS3.

BTW, Sony has already launched their Official CES Site. Zillions of visits, naturally.

:( and no tasteful news for PS3 Fanboys. Well… they don’t need any to be happy.

But… Wait! We have something new.

In example, the Sony Developer Kit that’s going to come out:

Sony has shipped over 4,000 development kits to the developers according to Sony’s announcement on CES 2006. It is good to know this fact. Hope we could see some great lineups soon.


And..? Yeah! Blu Ray and HD Dvd discs’ case design! Yahoo! Exciting! Wowie!  

In facts, through all the rumors about CES 2006, we managed to find out images representing the case design for both disc formats.

The Blu Ray’s case is a semitransparent plastic one, with blue (did u guess it?) color and the Blu-ray logo on the top.

The HD-DVD’s case is semitransparent plastic as well, coloured in red and with the HD DVD logo on the top.

Well… we have differences in logos and colors, and that’s all.
Here are images of the blu ray cases:

blu ray cases 2 ps3 blu ray cd case blue

But who knows… Maybe they still have some hidden surprise in their CES bag…


January 2, 2006

Next Generation Consoles – by GameQuest’s point of view

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With the launch of Microsoft’s Xbox 360 in 2005, Sony the current market leader, and Nintendo will both follow in 2006 there is sure to be fierce competition. All consoles promise amazing graphics, high fidelity audio, wireless networking support and a focus on multiplayer games. This year alone gamers are expected to spend approximately $12.8 billion on hardware and $19.3 billion on software according to Wedbush Morgan Securities.

Current Installed Base
Microsoft Xbox – 24 million
Nintendo Gamecube – 21.5 million
Sony PS2 – 83.2 million

Microsoft Xbox 360
Pointing out that Microsoft’s initial push to release their product was a important jump on the competition. Microsoft Expects to sell around three million units within the first 90 days of launch. However they have less games then were hoped for. In addition where was Halo for Xbox360? This game would obviously put more Xbox 360’s in the hands of gamers, looking at original Halo sales. Had it not been for lack of consoles for sale however the disparity in price was no help either. Seeing Xbox 360’s being sold from the $299 base price up to $1500 or more, including rather sleezy business tactics by Best Buy.

Sony Playstation 3
Master of the Market, Sony has consumed the video game market for the last two generations of video game consoles. Selling 150+ million Playstation consoles and holding relationships with many top video game console developers. Sonys new system boasts a DVD Drive that supports Blu-ray format, providing 54GB (11 1/2 times as much storage as a typical DVD-R) However this time could be tougher for Sony seeing ‘Microsoft’s aggressive push and their deep pockets’.

Nintendo Revolution
Responding to the Nintendo’s new sleek design, they said that despite that the console ‘lacks a hard drive or built in DVD player, it is expected to be priced lower then its rivals.’ With the addition of Nintendo’s virtual console, Revolution owners might be playing Mario Brothers and Chrono Trigger on their new consoles legally! While bringing so much history that is based on years of solid games, the Revolution does throw one interesting curve, the controller. While their will obviously be other controller options ‘some analysts worry the unusual device may confuse and scare of some gamers’, other controller possibilities (such as an original Nintendo controller) were announced during a press conference.

December 29, 2005

Setting Up a PS3 Forum

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As on the title, I’m setting up a new PS3 Forum.

Take a look at http://www.ps3-forums.org/

We’ll going to have fun there, guys :) be the first to register and ABSOLUTE BEWARE OF PS3 FANBOYS!

December 28, 2005

XBox 360 Cracked – First ISO available?

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I missed a pretty interesting article from CDFreaks a couple of weeks ago.

Let’s see :)

At the moment the Xbox360 is probably the most attractive option for crackers and therefore it comes at no suprise that people are already trying to bypass the security of this console. While it is expected that it will be very difficult and maybe even impossible, the DVD file system has already been determined and the first ISO has been released, for educational purposes of course.

The ISO has been released by a group called Team Pi and besides the release of the ISO they also made a tool available that helps in reading the files inside the ISO file. The ISO is pretty useless for normal users, it will not boot on the Xbox 360.

They also released an open-source tool to extract these releases (basicly it’s an ‘x360-ISO extractor’) so you can check out the files in the image. It will NOT work on original discs as a PC DVD-ROM can’t read those. Just like the original Xbox (xdvdfs) the 360 does not use the ISO9660 or UDF filesystem for the content on game DVDs. This tools allows you to extract the files from an image in the ‘Xbox 360 DVD file system’, it does NOT bypass the protection that prevents you from reading an original Xbox 360 disc on your PC.

Haha :) Cool. That’s why I love Playstation 3’s Blu-Ray!

December 27, 2005

XBox 360 Malfunctioning?

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I just found out this comment in the comment list of the XBox vs PS3 price war:


Message: I got a new xbox 360 for Christmas and the driver is already malfunctioning;  have to put my games in over and over again to get them to load right; i am going to take my 360 back to circuit city tomorrow, and hopefully I will get my money back; man, I am pissed off; These new generation game systems are said to be so great, but this is ridiculous; they put all this effort into making better graphics, but they can even design an efficient driver; well I can go on and on about how mad I am; JUST WANTED TO LET YOU ALL KNOW ABOUT THIS PROBLEM.

Well.. nice to know :)

This is the Holy punishment for early Microsoft buyers!

Microsoft keeps giving out MALFUNCTIONING things. Just like Windows.

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