Playstation Funny Pictures

This page is a quite large collection of Playstation funny pictures that You might enjoy.

Some of those images are of our production, some from the internet, in any case don’t blame us if you feel offended by them :P

If You’ve got something new let us know at to see your playstation funny pics posted on those pages immediately!

Have fun!

Playstation 3’s revolutionary controller




Do not try this at home





Latest news about Sony Playstation 3’s real appearance….




How to build a Playstation 3



 Ok, now WHAT THE $£”$£” IS THIS? :)


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  22. siraj said,

    LOL 3 ps1 makes a ps 3???????

  23. jptheflyest1.4evr said,

    was trying to find themes for my ps through my psp and not able to find any
    any suggestions and all the people calling the ps3 gay how can a comp be gay and im not talking about the sims and they should take a close look in the mirror. love ken neigh

  24. pussycat ballz said,

    SO AWESOME!!!…the last image is so futuristic :D HAHAHAHA!!!! who ever thought of it is a genius

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