October 15, 2005

Steven Spielberg and Videogames

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Steven Spielberg

This time the videogames’ world has a special guest.

A very special guest.

And, maybe, he’s going to be much more.

It seems like the movies guru, Steven Spielberg, is going to jump back in the gaming business, in sinergy with a big name: Electronic Arts.

Friendship between S.Spielberg and EA wasn’t a secret: in 2004 EA donated $8000000 to the USC (School of Cinema and Television) to set up a master’s program in interactive entertainment; Spielberg proudly sits on the school’s Board of Councilors, and he’s a passionate gamer. They couldn’t miss it.

Well, I guess… with 8 millions I could become friend of Spielberg, as well.

EALA studio head, Neil Young (wasn’t NY a RockStar ? :)), said:

“It all came about organically, since Steven has been a friend of EA since it acquired DreamWorks Interactive; we just realized we have the same vision for where the media (are) going. He is a passionate and avid gamer, and we are passionate about wanting to move the medium to the next level of narrative storytelling.”

“I have been playing EA games for years and have watched them master the interactive format,” said Spielberg. “I’m looking forward to working closely with the team in Los Angeles.”

Spielberg is going to work on, at least, three games. And we aren’t talking about Jurassic Park or Saving Private Ryan, but three 100% original titles.

They are going to be developed sequentially, even if Young said that there is a possibility they could be developed simultaneously.

As Young also said, “The goal here is to have the first true collaboration between filmmakers and game makers. I’m personally excited by the opportunity to work with Steven to build games that don’t just engage players with their interactivity but also try to move them emotionally.”

Well, mr. Young… I’m sure that world is filled with thousands of fantastic minds, young , excellent writers and storytellers… why don’t you setup a contest to find out some of them?

Mr. Young, I think You are going to exploit Steven Spielberg’s image more than his movie genius. Anyway, I hope that his games are going to give the same emotions and to be beautiful as his best films… and not awful his worst ones.

It will be exciting to have a Playstation 3 game labeled “Steven Spielberg”. Let’s see when PS3 comes out.

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