November 6, 2008

Activision: PS3 to outsell 360 in 2008

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While it’s certainly true that Nintendo continues to lead the console war by a gigantic amount, many publishers believe the PlayStation 3 is capable of closing the gap over the next few years. Heck, the PS3 has already narrowed the gap significantly and is creeping up on the Xbox 360.

According to GameDaily, Activision has faith in Sony’s machine. During a conference call after the publisher’s third-quarter earnings report, Activision CEO Mike Griffith talked about his company’s expectations for console growth, and he had some encouraging things to say about the PS3. He said he thinks the Xbox 360 will grow by another six or seven million units for this calendar year, but the PS3 will grow by another eight million units. Of course, Griffith says the Wii will continue to sprint along and sell another 15 million units this calendar year, but that comes as no surprise to anyone. He has high hopes for the handhelds as well, but again, it’s nothing earth-shattering. But Activision is arguably the world’s largest publisher, and to have them projecting good results for the PS3, that’s undeniably good news for owners of Sony’s next-gen machine. And they’ve got a ton of games in the hopper, so the more they’re willing to see the PS3’s success, the better the prospects are for the future.

We’ve heard similar things from publishers like EA, where they believe the PS3 has a lot more potential in terms of both technical achievement and sales. And with great exclusives like Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots, LittleBigPlanet, and Resistance 2 leading the way, the path continues to be blazed.


  1. Gordon White said,

    They may certainly have narrowed the gap but that will do little if they are so unwilling to stand behind their product! I am absolutely furious about how your Corporation is unwilling to extend a GRACE period for an item purchased during Christmas. We purchased our PS3 for our son last November 3, 2007 from Best Buy and the system stopped working this month. When I contacted the service departs and spoke with the representative I was told that it was out of warranty and I would be charged $149.50 for the repair. I asked the supervisor who told me the same thing and stated that was the Sony Corporate Policy! I then contacted the customer service department and after being placed on hold was told they could not extend the warranty and would I like to pay the $149.50 for repairs? Need I say that I said NO!!! I understand that the company must determine a reasonable date to warranty their product; however if a item is purchased during the Christmas shopping period it is certainly a reasonable expectation that you would extend the warranty for a gift. If they are going to stick to a policy they should modify the warranty to 13-14 months to avoid this problem. Are PS3 products that inferior they cannot cover something that is not obviously from abuse??? Is the PS3 really that poorly designed that a longer period of service is not expected??? I have purchased 3 Play Station Systems from Sony and many games, etc…, which exceed several thousand dollars. I certainly do not think your company policy is fair nor do I believe you back the product. So buyer beware and consider all the angles before you invest! Maybe that Xbox 360 or Wii is a better choice. I discourage consumers from spending their hard earned dollars on a PS3 product. Your desktop system will provides you with a great alternative!!!
    Gordon White
    Niceville, FL

  2. Joe said,

    What particular part of your PS3 stopped working?

  3. ps3 deals said,

    we can only hope really.

  4. Allan Mitz said,

    by far i think the nintendo wii has generated the biggest chunk among game console sales last year. probably playstation 3 will create better games for its fans and 360 too. but the nintendo already managed to affect the gaming style of nongamers which is a big start for a big leap.

    • Ali Al-buenain said,

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  5. Allan Mitz said,

    Wii downloads Sites.

  6. Pete said,

    The Wii has a huge appeal for particular market segments, such as senior citizens who use it as as exercise device, while the PS3 caters to other segments. Perhaps there is room for both…

  7. K. Jones said,

    I am pleased with the new PS3 Slim I’m not going to list a whole bunch of facts already given just what I like better about the Slim. First I like how qiuet the hardware runs no more annoying loud fan noise after a few hours of gaming. Its a cool sounding hum. Some people think the 120g hard drive is not enough but for me its just right. As an owner of an original 60gig PS3, 60g was not enough I don’t think I need any more than 120g. I like that they now come with the DualShock 3 controller, thats a plus. I really like what Sony has done to improve the hardwareand lowering the price. I would recommend to those that are interested in buying one to go ahead and get it before the “playstaion4” and “Xbox420” start to become rumors.

  8. gry ps3 said,

    i think the year 2010 will be the one where ps3 beats xbox360

  9. brandon said,

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  10. Chad said,

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  11. luis said,

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