August 4, 2008

Rumor: Left 4 Dead Headed to PlayStation 3

Posted in General at 5:41 pm by playstation3

According to a brief aside in the latest issue of Official PlayStation Magainze, “Left 4 Dead is coming to PS3, but EA will be taking on development duties in-house.”

At present, Valve’s cooperative-focused zombie-killing shooter is slated for to hit PC and Xbox 360 on November 4. Valve’s last PS3 release, The Orange Box, was ported by EA UK and was oft-criticized for performance issues not found in the PC and 360 releases.

It’s not the first time that media outlets have mentioned PlayStation 3 version of Left 4 Dead, with listings having previously appeared via publications GamePro and EGM.

Following the last round of rumors, project leader Mike Booth denied the claims, telling fansite Left4Dead411 that “Left 4 Dead is not currently in development for the PS3.”

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