August 4, 2008

Final Fantasy 13 PS3 Demo Coming in March

Posted in General at 5:38 pm by playstation3

A playable demo of Square Enix’s long-awaited RPG Final Fantasy XIII will arrive with the Blu-ray edition of the Final Fantasy VII-inspired CGI flick Advent Children next March, the studio has announced.

While a North American release for the Blu-ray disc and the accompanying demo have yet to be confirmed, Japan and North America share the same region coding for Blu-ray discs, meaning the movie itself will be playable on North American PS3s.

Though developers are able to lock out game content on a by-region basis, examples of region-locked PlayStation 3 games are extremely rare, as the bulk of downloadable PS3 demos and games will run on any PS3 worldwide with no issue.

In addition to the playable FF13 demo, the Blu-ray release of Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children will pack new trailers of Final Fantasy Versus XIII, which the company affirmed as a PlayStation 3 exclusive, and the now PSP-bound mobile FF13 game, Agito.

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