June 23, 2008

Cordless Precision Controller for PS3 Out

Posted in General at 5:27 pm by playstation3

Logitech has launched its latest gaming peripheral, a cordless Precision controller for the Playstation3 (PS3).

The Precision controller features a floating D-pad design and offers a cordless game-pad with reliable 2.4GHz Cordless Freedom technology.

The new controller promises precise control up to around 30-feet with no lag, ensuring that the gamer enjoys a smooth gaming experience. It features advanced power-saving technology that promises over 150 hours of game play on a single AA batteries (2) set.

The new cordless Precision controller for the PS3 is priced at Rs 2,990, and comes along with a two-years warranty.



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  2. jason said,

    I’ll try to get hold of one soon. thankyou


  3. Nice post, I enjoy a lot playing games actually, especially the latest console tech like the PS3. IMHO, PS3 is way better than Wii or XBox 360.

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