June 21, 2007

Feel The Pain Of Doom Video

Posted in General at 1:30 pm by playstation3

I came across this video of two gamers chatting on ooVoo playing Doom and found it entertaining. Two British gamers are owning one gamer and he’s feeling the damage that his character is receiving in the game. Check it out by clicking here.



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  3. Miguel said,

    This site is almost as dead as PS3.
    What happened to Sony ? Too cockyness…

  4. Free PS3 said,

    Hehe thats pretty funny, that dude is Pwned.

  5. Saul said,

    I found that video really entertaining myself. The idea of doing video chat and gaming at the same time seems really cool – though I guess you would have to check the bandwidth needed. I don’t game but I do use ooVoo. In fact I have been doing some work with them lately. They are getting ready to release a new version in the coming months that will actually let us record video conversations. Hey, you could pretty much record a whole game like that ….lol Well maybe that would be a little much.

  6. coldfusion said,

    Very cool video!!

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