June 5, 2007

Sony Denies PS3 Production, Price Cuts

Posted in General at 4:41 am by playstation3

Earlier this week, Lazard Capital Markets stated that ”reports from Asia suggest that Sony has reduced production of PS3s, at least temporarily, which may suggest that a price cut is less likely this year.”

Sony could not disagree more.  The company’s director of corporate communications Nick Sharples dismissed the reports outright.

“I’m not aware of any cut in production. We have our forecast for the year for PS3 of ten million and that still stands. Of course, production is adjusted according to stock levels and requirements of different territories. The normal seasonal uplift towards the peak season will happen, but that’s completely normal,” he told MCV.

“There’s absolutely nothing that you can read from that. The idea of price certainly doesn’t follow on to any adjustment in production. Analysts may wish to think so, but there’s no basis of fact in any of it.  We announce when changes in price will happen and we don’t discuss them beforehand.”


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  1. Hi,

    Please pop along to http://www.sonycon.co.uk and sign the petition to get Sony to reduce the cost of the PS3 in Europe.


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