June 5, 2007

PS3 Will Not Get Gears Of War

Posted in General at 4:32 am by playstation3

Mark Rein at Epic said that they are very happy with their relationship with Microsoft and Gears of War will not go to PS3.

Mark Rein written on a PS3 forum: Please remove that complete bullshit story about Gears going to PS3. Cliff Bleszinski has NEVER been quoted as “threatening Microsoft to port over Gears to the PS3”. We’re very happy with our relationship with Microsoft and are extremely grateful of everything they’ve done to help make Gears the huge success it has become. Part of that success came from being an Xbox 360 exclusive FIRST PARTY title and Microsoft getting behind it in a huge way. They’re the publisher of Gears of War and, unless they say otherwise, there is no chance Gears is coming to PS3. For PS3 we have Unreal Tournament 3 and it’s going to be fantastic.



  1. […] Nach diversen Gerüchten und (offenbar falsch) interpretierten Aussagen zu einem angeblichen Gears of War für die PS3 hat sich nun Epic eingeschaltet. Mark Rein hat in einem Forum sämtliche Gerüchte dementiert. Epic sei sehr glücklich über die Zusammenarbeit mit Microsoft. Und da Microsoft auch als Publisher von GoW auftritt, werde eine PS3 Version sowieso nur mit deren Einverständis erscheinen – also nie. Ein weiteres Gerücht aus der Küche abgetötet (via ps3blog). […]

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  4. ps3 player said,

    The series has been flogged anyway. Would be a no great loss for most new ps3 fans.

  5. kevin said,

    Mark Rein is gay they can make unreal tournament 3 for 360 but they cant make gears of war 2 for ps3

  6. oozii said,

    this is super qay… they let UT3 go out to the xbox 360 but dnt let Gears of War come to the PS3.. i think thts a bunch of qayss… nd plus they would makee muchh moree moneyy iif the let it b on the ps3 because i no ppl (includinq me) who have the ps3 nd would like gears of war.. ndd trust me Unreal Tournament 3 is SHIT compared to GoW.. idn wat ppl are thinkinq saying UT3 is bettrr!

  7. UnchartedGamer said,

    I have both systems PS3 and 360 and to tell u the tuth i really really hate the 360 i only have it for one game gears of war fuck everything else. The PS3 is so so so much better and its realiablility is wel compared to the 360 come on lol. GoW can very much hit the PS3 and when it does i will buy it again and then i cant get rid of microsofts peice of shit.Everytime i turn it on i look at it to make sure i dont have the redlight or it freezes or some stupid excuse for it to break.I turn on my PS3 and i have no worries what so ever.

  8. ZANGUSTA said,

    I really dont understand why GOW is sticking with xbox, but we can only say that xbox is doing what they can to keep GOW from defecting over to PS3. Or maybe GOW just dont understand how much their goals will be reached once they defect to PS3. And don’t give the pull crap about the graphics okay because yeah it does depend on the consol as well but it really comes down to your flat screen or whatever you have. I jus have to say PS3 still rules even though it came out with not a lot of nice games other then COD4 and all but as long as xbox doesn’t get my favorite game “MGS4” I won’t be bragging about GOW. And to all you xbox lovers, go tell microsoft to try hard at catching up with PS because it can’t compare to it one bit. Sorry, we PLAY STATION lovers get online for free, hahaha you don’t!

  9. tyler said,

    Bullshit just so x box can kiss my irish butt this is crap you take afew willing winners from ps3 and not willing to share the love to owners of ps3 what’s wrong got to much pride? Give me a break sega is out now u want to shut out playsation that’s crap if u so go after god of war I will watch the x box 720 burn b4 ps4 comes out to wreck havoc on u guys

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