May 2, 2007

SOCOM Hell Week Season 2 Video

Posted in General at 8:48 pm by playstation3

The latest SOCOM Hell Week video was released earlier today and the video captures 14 trainees getting into a porto potty.

The season finale of SOCOM Hell Week Season 2 will go live on April 25, 2007.

To view the video click here.



  1. Bobby Ray said,

    Fuck shitcom that game sucks ass… Shitstation 3 will burn in hell! Long live 360

  2. That guys a jerk off! The XBOX 360 bites and everyone knows it!

  3. PS3 Pad said,

    The XBox 360 eh… Why are you on a PS3 site then? Scared?
    PS3 Pad
    ‘The PlayStation 3 hang-out’

  4. Joe said,

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  7. dude said,

    PS# sucks my dick. Suck my balls Socom is teh best game they have, and it likes to take it in the ass, much alike P3 Pad—> what a fag, i gaurentte u will never get down in ur life, 360 and the wii cock slap the big ass 50 lb. ps3

    the dude is out

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