April 18, 2007

Sony Working On 80GB PS3 Model?

Posted in General at 10:16 pm by playstation3

– Rumors are beginning to resurface regarding Sony developing a larger hard drive for PlayStation 3 following comments from Sony spokesperson Satoshi Fukoka.

“For users who vigorously store [games and other entertainment content] in the PS3, 20GB is probably going to be to small” said Fukoka in an interview with Reuters.

He added, “Even 60GB may not be big enough eventually.”

Fukoka said that none of the inside components of PS3 would be alter with the larger hard drive model. “We are not likely to change its core components and functions such as the Cell, RSX, Blu-ray drive and network capability,” he said.

Sony has already filed an FCC application for an 80GB model.



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  4. Bobby Ray said,

    Hahahaha fuck you ps3 dick faces! 360>ps3. Die you PS3 bastards!

  5. HelloWorld said,

    Peace people

    We love you

  6. Bobby Ray said,

    Peace up your dick cock fag.

  7. PS3 Pad said,

    Some of the language on here is terrible.

    You ought to be ashamed of yourselves ;)

    80Gb. I have got a 800Gb hard drive. Can I not just stick it in the hole. :)

  8. Soon to be PS3 owner said,

    Your 800 gb might not fit since the Playstation 3 uses a laptop hard drive. I was thinking once I buy a PS3 I would buy a 120 gig hard drive or 160 gig hard drive

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