March 2, 2007

Major PS3 “Home” Feature Leaks

Posted in General at 5:03 am by playstation3

A source from Sony posted on IGN’s message board several weeks ago and said that Sony would be implementing a new feature duped “Home”. A patent and logo has already been created for it. The poster said that this new feature would give PS3 owners the ability to create a virtual home located in a virtual town. Those on your buddy list will be able to go inside your house when you have connected to your PlayStation 3, and you can also go inside their house.

In this “home” you can store trophies, achievements, and other rewards that can be viewed by those on your buddy list. Your buddies can also listen to audio on your HDD and watch videos from it (giving you the option to make it public/private). You can play host of mini-games such as cards, and have a virtual TV in your home display a video in your PlayStation 3. The last feature the poster listed was that you can walk from your house to the Virtual Theater where you can get movie/video clips and visit the Virtual Arcade.

Expect an announcement regarding this feature at the Game Developers Conference. We will keep all of our visitors updated on this and will provide full coverage of the GDC from March 5-9.



  1. […] post by playstation3 and software by Elliott […]

  2. cool said,

    this is going to be cool!

  3. […] post by playstation3 and software by Elliott Back Bookmark […]

  4. […] post by playstation3 and software by Elliott Back Bookmark […]

  5. Nick said,

    When is the demo for Home on the PS3 coming out. I know in April but when in the month

  6. brent said,

    lol suk on that microsoft fans=^)

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