March 2, 2007

Download PS1 Games on PS3

Posted in General at 12:22 am by playstation3

The next PlayStation 3 firmware update will be v2.0. The update will be available in the European market on March 23rd, and in North America and Japan a week or two earlier.

The update will allow users to download PS1 games to their PlayStation 3 or PSP via PlayStation Network.



  1. lol said,

    Its a BULLSHIT…
    1=next firmware will 1.60
    2=Why download PS1 games, when u can play it with CD-ROM? =)

  2. anonymous said,

    wha if u dont have the cd-rom LOL then ure sol
    be better to download =p

  3. armend said,


  4. ****** said,

    Where i can download ps one games???

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  6. Hogu said,

    I very like playing Playstation games,but i can’t find Resident evil 2(PS1) cd.
    Can you tell me web or link where i can download this game.
    Thank you very much.
    Wait your answer.

  7. hans said,

    i need get some ps1 games for free download you fucking stupid ass holls…

  8. jcurbis said,

    how to download ps 1 on my pc?

  9. simpanssi said,

    how can i shoot ps3 and ps1 at the same time to the moon? do i need a rocket or can i just throw my cock first?

  10. free psx game download

  11. resi 2 lover said,

    Why cant sony make somethin 2 install my ps1 cd-roms to my ps3,I’m sick of diggin my psx games outta the loft to get a quick game of bishi bashi or final fantasy 7

  12. S1nkilla said,


  13. turkish said,

    hepinizin amına koyim orospu çocukları
    mother fuckerr

  14. simpanssi rapist said,

    simpanssi you dont have a cock when i was fuckin your ass i tried to give you the reach around and you were blank why dont you go play halo or some shit dickless stretched ass

  15. mitchell said,

    hey i know of a good place and a good place for sure if you donate then you can download for a month or 3 months something like that for free…but if you want that copy of reisdent evil that bad then youll have to get every single pice of files you can get your hands on and let me tellya the trip is very boring…so im helpping you guys outr by following on these sites….google them and theyll pop up (((rom-gods))) and (((rom hustler))) are the two biggies in my book… still cant find what you want then try out emu-experts theyll help you out also…but watch your quota…you only get 500 to begin with… ok good luck guys and have fun….:)

  16. Shakib said,

    Where can I Dowload any Playstation one games.I really need to know.In which .com should I go.

  17. kenny said,

    even i really wanted to ply playstation game!! most on my favorite game name grandia!! hope that my wish be granted to play for!! pls. help to have that game for free for i am only a poor dreaming to have that kind of a game!! for almost all of my cousin had it!! i was verry down!! pls. thank you for the kindness!!

    • chris said,

      do you know a good site that allows you to put lots of download links

      for example
      Anime – I Only got One Piece – Bleach – Naruto -but ihavent uploded them yet Well therell be more in the near future though since i have a pretty slow internet acces so it will take time to upload everything

      i cant find a good source for sharing the upload files and most of the comon sites have them all around

      PS1 Games

      Any one here know a good site for creating a free blog
      ill post those links there
      if you know some sites
      tell me

      of course ones that dont care about what youre posting
      or where they dont mind posting
      download links for anime and ps1 games

      im new to blog though so its going to take a while
      before i can put things together

      have you already got grandia

      I dont really care about pirates but
      why not saying things to those pirates
      to buy the original ones
      if Ever They become A multi Millionaire
      or when they Got Money to Pay for it already

      either way ill only going to buy the things that give me satisfactory
      since there are lots that are not good at all
      or should have not been made at all


  18. DannyRey said,

    Try this out, you just have to register ,you can download 4 games per day but everything is free. Really good site. almost all playstation 1 games are here.

  19. bilbo baggins said,

    You are fucking illiterate.

  20. james said,

    yeah, fuck kenny!

  21. francis said,

    i heard on the radio today that kenny drinks cum

  22. vikas said,

    i found all the ps1 games easily on the above described url but it always show server down bla bla bla and for avoiding these problems please donate plz replly as soon as possible

  23. ps3gamesdownloadsreviews said,

    why is it people have to become abusive on blogs!

  24. queer said,

    I like suck dick…cum taste nice!

  25. REEECHAR said,

    im lost with this junk….. how can i play the ps1 thingy on the ps3?
    yeah imma noob. lol

  26. no1 said,

    why the fuck do all you kunts write shit on a blog that has nothing to do with it ur all immature retards so fuck off and get a life wanka’s

  27. ps3-fan said,

    when i want to play ps1 gmes what i must do ?? burn it on cd or give it on a usb stick and put it into ps3 ??? answer quick please

  28. ps3-fan said,

    very quick i want play today

  29. The-LEGIT-gamer said,


    Here’s a thought.. Why don’t all of you go to Ebay or a used videogame shop and buy the games you’re wanting rather than stealing them from shady torrent sites?

    I mean, you all have PSP’s so I assume that you can afford a 5 – 10 dollar PSONE game, right? I have no problem running a game off of different hardware platforms (That’s one of the reasons I got into Computer Science!), what I do have a problem with are freeloaders that feel that they’re somehow entitled to “free games” due to the hardwork of a programmer who didn’t intend theivery when their application was created.

    People like you wreck it for all of us. Do yourself a favor, go out and maybe support our economy for once by BUYING the things you want rather than stealing them.

    You want to know why we have DRM on our music and movies? It’s because of you.

    Thanks a lot… Get a Job.


    • tamjamtom said,

      You are an ass nobody cares if it illegal and even if people own psps they might not have money because they bought the psp and game are over priced you pay 10 to 50 dollars for it and then you finish it in a day when you’ve if you oder it from ebay you probably only see the box
      and when you get it the disc is scratched and doesn’t work or freezes
      in the middle of the game and we don’t give a fuck obout how hard the programmers work

    • bluekush said,

      heres a thought go tell Sony to stop over pricing us for video games that usually are not even complete yet,

      secondly my psp is stolen :) plus after all these years of buying video games i think i should be able to play my old favourite video game without having 2 buy a second copy cuz the old ones all scratched up so
      for all the “people like you” who cant afford to pay $80 for a game keep stealin from thes rich ass bitches
      p.s.i do support the economy i buy and sell drugs

      Thanks a lot….Get a life

  30. REECHAR said,

    well said! props to mr. Legit gamer.

  31. freeloader said,

    why go to the effort of setting up a ps1 and a tv when you can just play this stuff on the go on a laptop for free?

  32. True Games said,

    Fuck off “legit gamer” we’ll do what we want ye, we don’t all have programmers bent over the desk.

  33. where have you been? said,

    legit gamer you do know not all of us can get jobs with way economy is right now right? you say get a job like its that easy.
    usually you have to get a application take time to make sure you don’t mess up on it then proof read it. finally you take it back. then wait for them to call you which sometimes they don’t so you call them back few times.
    if you do get the call you most likely will have to do an interview.
    so there time preparing for possible questions might ask doing research on the job you applied for if you already have not.
    then there is more then likely another wait before you get the call if you got the job. but there still the chance you did not.
    that could take weeks to do all that and if you don’t get that job even months.
    you also got to go by locations where you live you might have tons of job openings. but where someone else lives there might not be any.
    and the only job i can think of that can make good money or descent amount of it. is a job working the corners and that is not really a respectable job.
    so next time you get ready to say something think it out before you open your mouth or type whatever it is you are gonna type.

    • tired of imbeciles said,

      are you kidding me? that has got to be the dumbest thing I have read in my entire life. You can always get a job if you want one bad enough. Obviously you have enough time to sit and write that lame post and even read other posts. The problem is that your generation is full of lazy assholes who want everything handed to them.

      • Did said,

        HAHA “you say get a job like its that easy.
        usually you have to get a application take time to make sure you don’t mess up on it then proof read it.” god forbid you have to read.

        I must defend though,
        The reason some people get free games just to have some quick fun and get in touch with what they grew up with. I remember getting a n64 and a ps, so about this time I just want a get a feel of that age again. Any game I find I probably won’t finish or even get to far at all, but I just feel like playing them. Game back then had so much fantasy and creativity, these days they lack imagination severely. That’s my two cents.

  34. Prezzy said,

    Props to Legit Gamer. Getting a job is as easy as pie. Even if it is a crappy salary, you need to start somewhere. I hate not actually having an official copy of a game, though I am all for the downloads, so long as it is paid for. Why you illiterate (or mentally challenged) people think it is compulsory for games to be free is beyond me. Try and access a bit more of your brain before you show the world how bad you are at spelling and grammar.

  35. weezy101 said,

    uhhhh…. u all R very… human. unfortunately almost every site online claimin free ps downloads is a lie. stop soundin like poor bitches and go look on craigs list or some shit. i hate complaining people. jus look 4 the lowest prices not the free shit. k??????????????? BYE… O ya lol RPG”s are gay and so R X-Box lovers!!!!!iiiii!!!!!!! Now bye. *YOUNG MULA BAAABY*

  36. Dylan-O said,

    Alright why do people have to make me feel like an asshole for reading your comments Heres the deal im sure anyperson reading my post will agree Video Games Are Fun Agreed? I just want to be able to play resident evil 2 without being criticized for even searching it up or without having to go three states over to a store in Purgetory to pick up a copy of crash bandicoot or without having to goto ebay wich people charge 200$ for a copy of spyro SPYRO for gods sake and also theres thoose damn websites thats either trojin filled or you end up giving out my credit card num uuuugggghhh and i have to say i pity thoose who search this crap up and criticize everyone who is looking for a ps1 game HA! and you call us worthless hippies that need to get a job so plese PLESE dont be a douche

  37. hi motherfuckers. Is this forum about how to get a fucking job or videogames. Im confuse. This is about how to put ps1 games to ps3 not to fuck with jobs. that will come later. And i have the same fucking problem. i want to play ps1 games on my ps3 for free but i dont know how to put them on it for free. May you all poor bastards help me?. Im the perra caliente and all of you are my bitches. its that okey?

  38. REECHAR said,

    La perra, you are stupid.
    and either poor or cheap,
    La perra caliente… in other words, a bitch? lol
    ok now to another person.

    you first started out making sense, calling ppl human then say something stupid like calling all x box lovers gay. you homophobe. i dont like x box, but calling the ones that use it is just stupid…
    we might be human, but you are a fuckin retard.

    Legit gamer.
    Heres a thought, WHY THE HELL MADE YOU GET INTO THIS FORUM IN THE FIRST PLACE? what, you have no life?? is that it?
    Who gives a crap about your Computer Science,
    To me, you are just an angry little conservative fuck who’s very close minded without much of a life (Computer Science huh… you must be the life of the party!) looking up at things to sound important on.
    Get A Life! and find something to actually do in life besides looking up at forums that dont pertain to you and going off on strangers.

    Dylan 0:
    200 BUCKS?? get out of here… c’mon man, i saw that thing for 4 bucks in ebay. five bucks to get it from the PSN.. you gotta do ur research too.. no offense there.

    prezzy: well said… i guess.

    Where have you been?:
    you are god damn lazy. Either you are super fat, or just suuuper lazy. to a point where you dont even deserve free shit cuz you havent earned crap. So how about you at least get a job, then talk. Stop revolving your life over a goddamn free game. There’s more out there than just waiting to get a job before buying a game are you kidding me? Anywho… good luck to ya, if ya even give a damn.

    Kenny: you are freakin’ illiterate. Funny shit though.


    and now, can everybody stop with the damn finger pointing and all this other shit??? if you come in here just to talk your shit, then you have no freaking lives.
    if you are here to free load, wrong website dumbasses, this here was just a discussion about a firmware upgrade that happen freaking a long time ago. NOTHING ON HOW TO GET FREE SHIT!

    if you can read and actually READ you dumb fucks, it clearly states on the top:

    “The update will allow users to download PS1 games to their PlayStation 3 or PSP via PlayStation Network.”


    this forum should just be dismantled. All you guys assume to much.

    • ThePreyBrigade said,

      “Legit gamer.Heres a thought, WHY THE HELL MADE YOU GET INTO THIS FORUM IN THE FIRST PLACE? what, you have no life?? is that it?Who gives a crap about your Computer Science,To me, you are just an angry little conservative fuck who’s very close minded without much of a life (Computer Science huh… you must be the life of the party!) looking up at things to sound important on.Get A Life! and find something to actually do in life besides looking up at forums that dont pertain to you and going off on strangers.”i was about to say the same thing. how DID he find this forum? selfrighteous son-of-a-bitch was either looking for the same thing or just looking for a fight to get off on or something. he has as much life as the people he’s discribing.
      now, i’m only 15. i can’t get a job, but i know for a fact that there are sites where you can get free n64 and ps1 games., however i was looking for a site with the ISO/ROm straight-up so i could downoad it strait to my ps3. im probably not gonna search this anymore, though

  39. This is for REECHAR. YOU GET A LIFE assume to much. this forum is not for retards like you. you juts came to fuck with somebody. yes you want to find someone to fuck with in this forum and that will not be understood. hahahahahahahahahahahahhahahaha

  40. be me understood hahahahaahahahah

  41. REECHAR said,

    um… if you can see, Ive actually been on this forum for a while. I just came to fuck with somebody?? is THAT your kind of combat?? wow, pathetic, weak, and just like your ass, cheap. how about you try something more i dont know, challenging?
    and you cant write.

    OH, also, you wrote that this forum is HOW to put PS1 games into the PS3?
    retard if you can please write the title of the forum in big bold letters for EVERYONE to notice?
    this is basically a statement made.

    then ppl ASSUMED (just like your dumbass, sadly, who said I assumed too much, you just made the same mistake, again.) that this was a forum for instructions on how to download this.

    and learn how to spell, OKAY (not okay)?

    Enough said,
    I am the perra caliente, and all you are my bitches?
    thats a cry for help.

    • bluekush said,

      haha some real shit dont u hate how stupid some people are

  42. REECHAR said,

    okey. lol

  43. ubersam said,

    sadly, reechar is right… la pera caliente, you should let it go. :P
    i wonder how come this forum is still here, people here are like so against each other and all out of topic.
    just everyone stop this stuff. either get back in topic, or stop writting mmk?
    its easy.
    besides, this topic is from :p

  44. REECHAR said,

    mmk. lol

  45. lulu said,

    REECHAR IS FUCK. fucking reechar you are an asshole. im sorry i just cant stop to saying this hahahaha ……. poor reechar

  46. REECHAR said,

    whatever makes you feel better, lulu. lol
    the assholes are the ones who started it.

  47. MurriMadness16 said,

    Uhm…all this squabbling n rowing is over how 2 download ps1 games into the ps3 right? it kinda got all lost wen ppl strtd swearing at eachotha n goin off at each otha bcause d ppl in dis forum *APPARENTLY* got no jobs,wat i rekn is dat “The LEGIT gamers” mother took all his porn off him, he got angry den started takin it out on all d ppl n dis forum,cause honestly all d fightn n swearn startd wen the legit gamer sed sumthn…

  48. Mr. Anonymous said,

    you’re all stupid. if you have the cd-rom of a ps1 game. SURPRISE! if you have a later model of the ps3 it probably doesnt have backwards compatibility. idiots. so the onlyway to play those games again is to buy them, suckers.

  49. You all made me laugh said,

    Hahaha. So I finally was able to afford a PS3, and heard something about playstation 1 games being downloaded onto it or something. And I ran across this forum, thanks to google. And may I say, reading the responses, trying to see if anyone had mentioned anything in regards to what I am searching for, has been pretty damn funny. I swear, never in my life have I read such bullshit. And worst of all, you are all about as literate as my 4 year old brother. And about the job search: Its not easy to get a job in some places. If you actually pay attention to the news(which sounds to me is a no), then you will know that only SOME cities are getting better, while others are going to continue to get worse in the next year. But apparently, you are all unaware that the unemployment in some cities has even reached 30%.
    And stop with the stupid “you must have no life if you came here to fight”, because you JUST FUCKING INSULTED YOURSELF. Haha. I swear, 90% of you shouldn’t be allowed online. You all clearly need more schooling.

    • ThePreyBrigade said,

      actually, i came here looking for a way to get ps1 games strait to my ps3 instead of going to a computer because my current situation doesn’t make it easy. i’m posting this on a saturday, a free day, the sabbeth, the day of reast, so im not lazy and some of the people here aren’t either, they just happen to cross this forum and type fast and check their e-mail like they supposed to.

  50. Reechar Is GOD!!!! said,

    omg haha Reechar you are seroiusly the most amazing dude/dude’et in the universe haha, you are definatly the kinda person that should run the world =P
    I LOVE IT!!!!

  51. watdafuck said,

    lol this Shit is Funny Dumb And Crazy.
    Reechar atleast makes sense

  52. codmw2god said,

    fuck all you shitheads just go play some mother fuckin call of duty asshole cunt likin bitches!!!

  53. codmw2god said,

    this is fucked up and gay. why do you people fight like this. btw who has call of duty modern warfare 2. it is such an awesome game. i did all this fuckin shit on my psp.

  54. ThePreyBrigade said,

    i swear the ones REALLY have no life are the ones that come here, post an insult, and come back for more blood. those are the real no-life assholes.

  55. Terry said,

    Does anyone know if Final Fantasy 7 for ps1 is available for download on the PS3?

  56. laci1993 said,

    is it possible to download ps1 games for psp? I know it is but i don’t want it hacked, is it possible to buy and download them such as they do on ps3 ??
    Someone reply please xx

  57. El Pinga Dulce said,

    shut the fuck up you dumb bitches we are here to talk about how to get ps1 to ps3 for free ive bought almost all ps1 games a long as time ago and i know i deserve to get them for free those shits are ancient you punk ass computer scientist already got millions off of these old ass games stop ripping off people and focus on new shit you cheap ass sissis

  58. FREEDOM said,


  59. bluekush said,

    kk so all the bull shit you guys posted, and yet no one even gives a suggestion of how to get past the problem of my ps3 slim cant play ps2 games from the disk and refuse to pay again for them, i declare shananaginz on this stupid forum

    • barak obama said,

      wooooow… i thought bush was a dumbass… you guys take the cake…

  60. when it comes to free games, i always look for free flash games because they have small file sizes ~’,

  61. how can i shoot ps3 and ps1 at the same time to the moon? do i need a rocket or can i just throw my cock first? my site

  62. crsplace said,

    actually, i came here looking for a way to get ps1 games strait to my ps3 instead of going to a computer because my current situation doesn’t make it easy. i’m posting this on a saturday, a free day, the sabbeth, the day of reast, so im not lazy and some of the people here aren’t either, they just happen to cross this forum and type fast and check their e-mail like they supposed to.
    see my blog

  63. raahi said,

    hahaha nyc pos commens

  64. […] confirmedPlaystation 4 by SONYThe price of the Playstation one (PS 1)Resistance 3 – ReviewDownload PS1 Games on PS3 .a575_box {font-size: 14px !important;font-style: normal !important;font-weight: normal […]

  65. PsXBox360WiiU5ER said,

    Wow and I thought Quarkie from Life Goes On was retarted…… I want to take the guy who invented the Blue Ray drive for my ps3 and slit his fucking throat . YOU BLOW! and NOW I’m at update 4.0 so I cant even hook up a HDD and play games from there. Now I’m left with a $700.00 media player! FUCK THIS SHIT. Well I really can’t complain cause my PS3 is the first model ever made. going strong since 2007………. So almost 5 months after the last post I’m gonna keep it alive just cause I want to see more retarted posts besides this one.

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