February 28, 2007

PS3 Price Cut Expected In 2009

Posted in General at 5:54 am by playstation3

Dow Jones has confirmed to not expect a PlayStation 3 price cut until 2009. The article had also stated that Sony will introduce the ability to download music and movies via PlayStation Store.


“Although analysts say price reductions would benefit PS3 sales, Sony isn’t likely to make any price cuts for at least another two years, said Kimberly Otzman, a spokeswoman for Sony Computer Entertainment America. She noted a similar time frame for lowered prices for the PS2. ‘We probably expect the same for PS3,’ Otzman said, adding that while the console’s price is higher than competitors’, it comes completely packaged so consumers don’t have to buy extra equipment or attachments.”



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  2. fstar said,

    that is a long ways away, i think ps needs to discount the system sooner -like before next xmas

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  4. Steven said,

    Check out this website for a FREE Playstation 3:

  5. scratchdisk said,

    Will a $100 price cut light a fire under the PS3?

  6. Karsten Krogh said,

    Im in no hurry, got my 360. I will buy one once the price here (in denmark) reaches the Japanese prices. If that dosent happen until 2009 they can keep it, i will wait for the 720 or the PS4. Ive been a big PS2 fan but i am unhappy with the fact that we in Europe have to wait longer and pay more than everybody else.

  7. […] Dow Jones has confirmed to not expect a playstation 3 price cut until 2009. The article had also stated that Sony will introduce the ability to download music and movies via playstation Store. Continue […]

  8. unca joshy said,

    they need to take the price down to 299$

  9. unca joshy said,

    how old are u guys???

  10. unca joshy said,

    the price might ruin console.

  11. jimbonio said,

    IT NEEDS TO BE $199.00 US

  12. jimbonio said,


  13. jimbonio said,


  14. SDavis said,

    Sony is just plain stupid to keep ps3 at a high price when x box, and wii have made price cuts. Hell much rather buy a ps2 than a ps3.

  15. FantasyPlayer said,

    Yeah, like Sony never lies right? Of course there will be a price cut, and March 2009 sounds reasonable. They can’t admit that because they want to sucker as much people as possible to buy PS3 at the current ridiculous price now.

    Also, Sony think they can pull one over the average folks by justifying extra cost on “bigger” hard drives. Unless you’re buying ridiculous large 500 GB or more that it actually costs the same for hard drive manufacturers to produce any hard drives lower than 250 GB, and actually when you go too small nowadays (such as 80GB) it actually costs more. So I bet Sony is testing the water with their new “limited edition” 160 GB and expect to see a new SKU of 250 GB Sony PS3 so they can justify their ripped-off pricing. By I suspect they will drop to $299, but they will market it a “great buy” based on “big” hard drive and “latest Blue-Ray technology”

  16. Nathan said,

    I don’t understand how stupid people are. The PS3 is cheaper than the 360. When it comes to bang for your buck it cannot be beat. I have both and the math adds up. You actually save money, a significant amount too, when you buy a PS3 as opposed to a 360. Plus the 360 just kinda sucks as far as hardware goes and in two years you’ll have to buy another one as microsoft deems it obsolete like the original xbox. think a little bit the xbox came out after the ps2 and the 360 came out before the ps3. Sony makes products that will last alot longer. the ps2 is the best selling console of all time and is still selling well. The ps3 is not only the best console, or at least will be, but is like one of the best and cheapest blu-ray dvd players. The 360 had you buy a HD-DVD adapter for 200 bucks and now they don’t even produce those any more. Microsoft is who pulled a fast one on everybody and people are just too stupid to see it. Ps3 has bigger hard drives, more processing power, better graphics, sound, music player, and all the games they offer aren’t first person shooters which is all the 360 has. Give the software time to catch up and very soon all those degenerate 360 fanboys will have their feet in their mouths.

  17. Nathan said,

    For any of you NOT in the industry, the PS3 is definately not a rip-off. You would all know this if your mothers didn’t drink when you were in her womb.

  18. jordan said,

    i hope the price drops to atleast $299 cause it will definetly compete with the 360. i know ps3 is by far the best console out there in the long run. while the online gaming for a 360 u have to pay while on ps3 u dont soo in the long run ps3 beats 360 hands down!!!!

  19. jeremy rodriguez said,

    if sony makes the pllaystation 3 300$ , i sure would buy it!

  20. Ryan said,

    I wasn’t going to buy the PS3, but the new God of War that’s coming out looks utterly amazing. Not only that the PS3 has a lower fail rate than the 360 and like Jordan already said, the online gaming and extras are free where as the 360 charges you for various downloads on the marketplace. I hope it goes down to $299 because I would definitely pick one up as well.

  21. MyPs3Broke said,

    when is the exccat date of the price drop? march wht? i really want to buy a new one wnybody knows the exact date?

  22. afdafdasfd said,

    Hmm maybe they will make a price cut today. Sony announces somethg big worldwide today. I guess thats the price cut we will see in some hours. I already own one so its not a big issue to me but with a 299 Dollar Price the PS3 will definately make some ground against the 360. Even with this price the PS3 is doing fine and beats the Wii in Japan since 5 weeks a lower Price will boost the selling numbers even more.

  23. Koolie said,

    hopefully i can get one if they do bcuz i didnt ask 4 anything for christmas or my birthday, i just got some cologne but anyways yea i hope they drop the price =D =P *gettin a lil bored wit the Ps2*

  24. M0therfuck1ng gamer of the W0RLD said,

    Sony is just playing stupid,its reasonable that it NEEDS a price cut so the SALES go HIGHER

    PS3 80GB= $299.99
    PS3 160= $399.99

  25. Big Kese said,

    I think that the Playstation 3 should have a price cut because they would sell more at the price $299 for the 80gb and $399 120gb

  26. The Hobo said,

    I’ve had my ps2 sience 2003, its 2009 now, and the ps2 is still in good order. I like the fat ps2, slim overheats and games just seem slower..

    And ps3 NEEDS A PRICE CUT. They will make HEEPS OF SALES. I wonder what sony are planning?

  27. Venezuela said,

    i think they just selled ps3 at highs prices because maybe in that way they let the world know how great and superior the ps3 is, also to make money..i have a Nintendo Wii and i just got tired of that.. i really hope they drop to 300$ the ps3 price, in that way the will have too many units selled than before.. and for sure i will buy it.. sorry for my english xd

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