February 1, 2007

220,000 PS3 Units For UK Launch

Posted in General at 7:53 pm by playstation3

SCE UK’s managing director, Ray Maguire, revealed in an interview with SPOnG that there will be around 220,000 PlayStation 3 units available for the UK launch on March 23. His estimate is based on the one million units being ship to Europe, and having UK take 22% of that. 

He was quoted saying that it will be the largest launch in games industry history “Probably over four times PlayStation One, and close to double the amount of PS2s. So, it’s going to be a logistical nightmare – that’s a lot of trucks to get around.”

Fans should also be happy in the UK to know, “Product is already on its way, on ships, at the moment, and there is more being generated every single day.”



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  2. CRAIG09 said,


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    Then you have to refer this offer to friends. And you receive a £400+ PS3!! This is no joke.

    Takes just a little work for no cost and you get a great prize.

  3. carlhudson said,

    Anyone know hom many are being shipped to Australia? :) Plenty I hope, I hate lining up :) At least we get the updated hardware with better backwards compatability. and it seems that Sony keep adding more value (home).

  4. Mike said,

    Better site for free PS3s right here!! http://bonusgamer.com/index.php?referral=80

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