November 27, 2006

Sony To Ship 100,000 PS3’s Weekly

Posted in General at 12:18 am by playstation3

Sony will be shipping off 100,000 PS3 units each week to all retail stores. There goal is to ship off one million PlayStation 3 units by the end of the year.

Expect to find the consoles in the stores on Friday’s. There isn’t expected to be more than six PlayStation 3’s at each store. Call your local retailers to confirm that they have the PlayStation 3’s before making the trip.



  1. thegt said,

    It better be right cause I know Walmart isnt going to tell me so I dont wanna camp for nothibg

  2. Nevaro said,

    Tell you what got plenty of stock of the PS3, and there going for a great deal. There a new online shopping site, apparantley they are shipping tones of consoles around the world to suppliers and customers as they get them direct from Japan. Has anyone else heard of em.


  3. Bill said,

    My buddy is a manager at Gamestop, they just got a shipment, and he put 2 aside from me… whoo hoo!!

  4. PS3 Cheats said,

    Will they be able to keep up with the demand is the question, like when the PS3 comes to the UK which i know for a fact is a high demand seeing as they postponed it to March 2007 instead of 2006 i can see there being a problem.

  5. cubeboy101 said,


  6. deezel said,

    Wii out shipping is nothing somethin to brag outsellin because of outshippin isnt something to brag about demain… thats another thing

  7. Karl Arman said,

    Sony realy pulled a fast on. All those poor souls that stood/camped in line for days. Now there are still over 25000 for sale on ebay.
    Just talked to a manager at a Target and he said they will be get at least a hundred more in the new few weeks. For a good deal, watch Ebay as so many that stood in line will have credit card bills coming and they will have to sell. I predict they will be selling for under original cost on ebay in about two weeks.

  8. Karl Arman said,

    Panic has set in.. Play Stations starting to sell for original cost on ebay.

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