November 19, 2006

Website Offering PS3 Bundles With Free Overnight Shipping

Posted in General at 12:34 am by playstation3 has begun offering bundles for the PlayStation 3 60GB and 20GB consoles.

The bundles include video games such as Madden NFL 07, Call of Duty 3, NBA 2K7, and Resistance: Fall of Man, an extra Sixaxis controller, and Mission Impossible III (Blu-Ray DVD).

There are a limited amount of bundles available from the website. This is a trusted website, and they provide images of their 11 PlayStation 3’s. Click here for the proof of PS3’s.

Click here to order your PlayStation 3!



  1. sarah said,

    I got one :)

  2. Montrealer said,

    The market crashed on ebay (60GB units are going for just around US$1100 and 20GB units for US$950) because it looks like just about 99% of the 400000 units sold in North America are getting posted there.

  3. Sameh said,

    i have heard that the PS3 is going to have brilliant graphics and all and i have found a site that has a download of the PS3. This the first time i have been on your site and i would like to have a link exchange with you please can you link to my site please!

  4. cubeboy101 said,

    who cares ps3 is obsolete

  5. Henry said,

    I find your blog very interesting keep up good work.

  6. Mike said,

    Free PS3s are better.. :D

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