November 18, 2006

More PlayStation 3 Shipments Coming Soon

Posted in General at 9:29 pm by playstation3

Sony has confirmed that more shipments of the PlayStation 3 are on their way!

“We are getting a second shipment next week, probably around the middle of next week,” Matt Levitan , marketing and public relations manager for Sony Computer Entertainment of Canada, told CBC News Online on Friday. “We’ll know by Monday or Tuesday when they will be available.

“We are flying in shipments from Japan and China, and will probably ship them directly to retail” instead of to Sony’s warehouses, he said.

Lavitan expects for there to be four or five shipments of the PlayStation 3 before the end of the year.



  1. Will Matthews said,

    Any word on when that second shipment will be in EB Games in New York? And there are just enough for the reservees right?

  2. bob said,

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  3. replying to the idiot said,

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  4. Jason said,

    Well said.

  5. SIB said,

    LOL thats realy funny stuff!!!

  6. BLOOD tripsev said,

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  8. Trapstar said,

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  9. Trapstar said,

    Oh Yea and by the way Will had Bob feeling stupid

  10. legit1-100% said,

    Wow…..this might be the worst waste of internet space I have ever seen.

  11. Trapstar said,

    Ay legit u got dat shit right i jus aint have nuthin to do

  12. Harrison said,

    when will the second shipment come out for ps3

  13. Harrison said,

    anybody out there

  14. alex said,

    i guess this was a lie from sony… it’s the 5th of dec and nothing

  15. hahahaha wack said,

    LoL !!! Internet Mc’s !! Give it up !! Your WICK WICK WACK !! Who cares if it’s off the dome. Your rhymes sucks ass.

    P.s. Don’t quit your day job, cause you suck !!


  16. Derrick said,

    whatever it’s gonna take forever for the new shipment to come in. You all need to speed this shit up Damn! I’m tired of waiting for the PS3

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