November 8, 2006

The Ultimate PlayStation 3 Launch Day Guide

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The time is near for thousands of PlayStation fanatics to drive around their city to try and get their hands on a PlayStation 3 on November 17. A lot of you will be disappointed because there are only 400,000 PS3’s that will be sold in the United States for launch day. I am here to let you know what to expect on launch day, the best retail stores that will give you a chance at having a PlayStation 3 on launch day, scams, and if you should buy your next-gen console on eBay.

Getting a PlayStation 3 on Launch Day
I have come up with a list of stores that were selling Xbox 360’s, and should also be selling PlayStation 3’s on launch day.

– GameStop
– Wal-Mart
– Circuit City
– Best Buy
– Target
– Costco’s Wholesale
– Sams Club
– Sears
– CompUSA
– Sam Goody
– Rhino’s Video Games
– Brands Mart
– Toys”R”Us
– KB Toys

Make sure you contact the above retail stores a few days before the launch to confirm that they will be selling a PlayStation 3, and if so how many. The best day to wait in line will be November 15. I would recommend trying Wal-Mart first since it is open 24 hours and they have chairs for you depending on where you live. All of the other retail stores you’re going have to wait outside to get your hands on the PlayStation 3. Best Buy will have the most PS3’s to sell, so it would be the safest place to wait in line for. If there is more than 12 people in line, forget about it and find another store. The easiest stores to get a PS3 would be CompUSA, Sam Goody, Brands Mart, Sams Club, Circuit City, Costco’s Wholesale, and Sears. Your goal should be to find stores that are not known for selling video games and to wait in line there. You may even be able to wait in your vehicle at some of these stores until another customer pulls up. If you’re going to wait outside make sure you pack warm clothes, blankets, MP3/CD player, and some food. Usually there are good conversations when camping out. My experience at Target for the Xbox 360 last year was good besides the cold weather. We had some very good and interesting conversations that kept everyone awake and filled with energy.

Beware of the scams during launch day! Not only on the internet but in person also. There are a lot of people who will be scamming folks left and right. Claiming they have a ticket for the PlayStation 3, and no longer feel like waiting in line so you can purchase their ticket for x amount of money. Be careful with making a deal with someone. If the person is willing to sell you their ticket or console, make sure you ask people around if he or she is telling the truth. Don’t ask the person next to them because they could be part of the scam too. Ask more than one person to confirm that he or she has been in line waiting and that whatever they’re presenting to you is real. Ask them questions, get their phone number, do whatever you have to do to not lose hundreds of dollars. I was scam last year on an Xbox 360 while at Target. I have been in the freezing cold weather for over 10 hours, and I had brain freeze so my thought process wasn’t good. What he offered me didn’t even make sense after I thought about it. Luckily he felt guilty that he got away with it so easy and drove back to Target and gave me all of my money back and apologized. That will be the last time I accept a deal from anyone on launch day. I never thought I would get scam, but it happen to me that day. When you get desperate you don’t think things thru.

Purchasing On eBay
You will have no problem finding a PlayStation 3 on eBay, however, you may run into a problem with digging up the cash for one. They’re not going to sell for no less than $1200. That’s $600 more than the cost of the premium console. There has already been a pre-order auction that ended at $2100. So if you have the money, then eBay is by far the easiest way to get your hands on a PlayStation 3.



  1. Raz said,

    It is untrue that if there are already 12 ppl in line u should leave the usually has AT LEAST a hundred units ( it was the same thing with the xbox 360 ) When I went for the launch date of the 360 (1 hr early) there were already about 50 ppl in line and i was safe.

    However it is true that bestbuy is the safest choice and it is absolutely necessery for you to call them on the 15th or 16th to ask how many units they received..coz depending on the number of units they got you will know how much to wait/hope.
    Good luck

    I plan on getting the ps3 in order to sell it on ebay. So if any of you get unlucky you might wanna comme by ebay and check the ps3 out ;) for 2000$ + :D ofcourse

  2. Santos Hneen said,

    Hello we sell the Playstation 3 60gb USA version at just $550usd including shipment, and we only accept payment through Western Union Money Transfer while shipment is made via Fedex 48hrs deliuvery after payment is confirmed.

    Please if interested send us your request to :

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