November 8, 2006

SOCOM Reality Series Is Back

Posted in General at 7:01 am by playstation3

Sony will be holding yet another audition for a web reality series for SOCOM for the second consecutive year. Video game players will be selected to spend a week in a real marine combat training zone.

Here is their press release regarding the auditions:

SOCOM Hell Week Is Back!!!. Think You Can Survive It?

Think you’ve got what it takes to make it through authentic Navy SEAL Hell Week? Well here’s your chance again.

Last year, 16 SOCOM gamers tried, but only 4 survived.

Now it’s your chance to pit yourself against the toughest, most grueling military training on earth. Hundreds of pushups. Backbreaking obstacle course. Freezing cold surf. Live fire training. And that’s just day one.

Visit here to register and see what you’re in for.

And if you still haven’t run for cover, send them a recent JPG photo, and your personal statement in 200 words or less explaining why you think you’re worthy to train with the world’s most elite war fighters.

Enlist NOW! On the double, RECRUIT! Your submission is due by November 30, 2006.



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