November 1, 2006

Select Best Buy’s PS3 Midnight Openings

Posted in General at 9:20 pm by playstation3

A Best Buy employee has leaked out his company’s plans for the PlayStation 3 on launch day. There will be 18 locations nationwide that will open their doors at midnight to sell the PlayStation 3. These 18 locations are:
– Park Lane, TX
– West LA, CA
– Chesterfield, MO
– El Cajon
– Superstition Springs, AZ
– Chapel Hill, OH
– Richfield, MN
– Galleria, TX
– Butterfield RD, IL
– West Hollywood, CA
– Ann Arbor, MI
– Gwinnett, GA
– Hialeah, FL
– South Tampa, FL
– Mt Laurel, NJ
– Manhattan NoHo, NY
– Landmark, MA
– Manhattan Midtown, NY


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