November 1, 2006

F.Y.E Bundles Their PS3 Pre-Orders

Posted in General at 9:19 pm by playstation3

If you are one of those lucky fans who pre-order their PlayStation 3 at FYE, well expect to spend some extra money. The company will be packing the PlayStation 3’s into bundles. It will include the console, two games, and a SIXAXIS controller. That will make your total cost to approximately $823.86.



  1. ak said,

    well, in hk, its hk$5,254.00 / 7.8 = us$673.59

    i am a member of sony user.

    it starts registration yesterday, of course i already done it in the earier morning.

    when i received sony’s email this morning, sony send the email to me in 10:12am, but all pre-order already sold out

    some members say in the net, he receive the email at 9 am, already 1/3 of the options are sold out when he enter sony pre oder site at that time 9am

  2. ak said,

    hk$5,254.00 / 7.8 = us$673.59 already included 3 game titles + an extra / 2nd SIXAXIS controller

  3. ming said,

    What version is that for hk ps3?

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