October 31, 2006

Monster Developing Exclusive PS3 Cables

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Monster Cable announced earlier today exclusive cables for the PlayStation 3. These cables will increase PS3’s audio and video performance, but to also “complement the sleek, clean profile of the console.” You can find the cables at all major retail stores for $30 to $100.

“The PlayStation 3 is a state-of-the-art entertainment platform,” said Noel Lee, The Head Monster at Monster Cable. “But experiencing its exceptional audio and video capabilities means it’s crucial to properly connect it with high-performance cables – something that’s not found inside the box. The PS3’s HD games and 1080p-capable Blu-ray Disc movies can be amazing, but not when you hook it up with inferior or general-use cables. That’s why we crafted GameLink specifically for the PS3 — so it could be enjoyed the way it was truly meant to be experienced.”


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  1. ak said,

    ps3’s cell + blue ray are 2 strong, so can last 9+ yrs 4 sure (06 07 08 09 10 11 12 13 14), also need to get back the r&d cost spent in the past few yrs before develop next new hi-tech console 4 ps4.

    2006 – just start, a good beginning

    2007, 08 – still under distribution process, good games just start, price go up min 25% in 2007 – max 50% in 2008 to get balance of sony’s income, hd needed to upgrade to 120g & 300g in 2008/09 4 blue ray game’s huge space requirement + lots of internet dl of ps3’s game trailers, game trial…etc, ps3 sales volume are min 10 times more than xbox360 in china market, ps3 sales volume are min 5 times more than xbox360 in the rest of the market.

    2009, 10 – only reach 25-45% of distribution vs total ps3 sale volume in 2015, 30-50% of ps3’s power/ability used, still half of its potential waiting 4 show off, ps3 sales volume are min 100 times more than xbox360 in china, cos 1080p are popular in 2008/09, n ps3 games sales volume are min 5 times – max 100 times more than xbox360. ps3 games titles are min 10 times more than xbox360. ms start develop next xbox concole 4 unlimited china market.

    2011, 12 – reach 60% of distribution vs total ps3 sale volume in 2015. no 1 buy xbox360 except india / africa, chinese are 2 rich all get 1080p n ps3 2 yrs ago in 2009. 40% of ps3 total sales market still in china waiting sony to increase ps3 production. Sony has huge profit min 20 times more than xbox360.

    Sony start huge r&d project develop ps4 same as my ps4’s design, ps4 will be = 95% same as game consoles in game shop. 1 ps4 can simulate almost all game consoles in game shop using 3-d senor n 32 cores of cell processor generation 3

    2013, 14 – Sony becomes global no.1 top class first rank corp, sales volumn n turnover more than Toyota + Honda + Nissan. Sony’s Robot development leading the world. ps4 is also part of the sony’s robot development project.

    2013 Toyota + Honda join venture with sega, nintendo, nec, toshiba + 10 more corps n university form new alliance, develop new game tech n console against sony’s super ps4 n its coming robot ps5 (ps5=robot toy) in the future

    ps4: sps4 (super ps4)

    sps4 = 1st part/basic development of sony’s super robot toy ps5 launch in 2018-19.

    1. environment requirment: in order to play ps4’s game, u need a single room of minium 50-80 square feet devoted 4 game playing only / a minium of 60inches wide 3-d lcd / a minium of 60inches wide sed display

    2. ps4 hardware included

    A. signal receivers X 3 or 4

    B. console(signal processor)

    C. 3-d signal hand glove + 3-d signal wear

    D. each game requires a moding equipment made by paper/plastic/soft wood, eg. car wheel 4 wheel driving games, machine gun 4 shooting games… etc.

    date launch: 2015

    ps5: rps5 (robot ps5) date launch – 2018/19 touch

    can buy a team up to 11 robots to play football, major market China, Canada, countries with lots of land space

    each robot perform same as human according to instructions.

    each robot perform game plays only, global legal requirement n licence required.

    each robot has battery/fuel restriction/limitation, can work in limited time 4 perform game plays only.

    each robot min 300mm(30cm) – max 450mm(45cm) tall 4 safety reason.

    each robot, 95% of robot’s body must be covered by very soft material on its body which will not cause any harm to human (especially baby n other animals, say pets) 4 safety reason.

    each robot’s ai are restricted according to regulations.

    each robot’s activity are automatically recorded by user’s controller, n send to central server via network 4 reference/record.

    same as today’s xbox360, wii n ps3, all console connected to central server, any cheater / console hardware moding will be recorded n stop connection by ms, sony n nintendo.


    ms’s xbox360 totally loss in 2010/11, xbox-quad also same as xbox360, win in the beginning 2-3 yrs, loss in the end.

    xbox-quad’s huge r&d cost for developing new 3-d game effect n huge console development used ms 25%-40% resource

    ms needs $ to against sony’s sps4 (super ps4) n coming rps5 (robot ps5).

    Mr. Bill Gates need to decide to sell xbox console business(= US surrender to Japan in the game console war) / sell ms’s window software business.

    ms’s window software business sold in 2016-18, ms change from running software to making hardware. new name of ms is MS+HW (micro soft+hard ware), short 4 MS+

    2020 75-80% of ms’s resource will be in robot r&d, as us still wanted to be 1 of the major robot maker/manufacturer against japan

    xbox-R (r-robot)

    date lauch: 2019/2020

    2020 is the first international robot 4 game play competitions. ms+ is in time to join using its xbox-r vs sony’s rps5(developed 2 yrs ago from 2018, basic software controlling system developed 8 yrs ago 4 sps4 from 2012)

    so sony’s rps5 is far more sophicated than xbox-r, more fast actions, more accurate response, less mistakes.

    all robot at that time use completed ai, 75% act same as human(except eating), can walk n run,(still no swimming, non 100% water-proof 4 general product) have feeling, will get sick/hurt=damage need maintance, feel tired=no battery/fuel, no need to use controller, just give instructions before the race/competitions, the robot will remember n do what u say. the robot act according to yr training (all information is received everyday/everytime u turn it on), so u are actually teaching controlling playing all the time before the competition. u are actually the father/mother/school teacher/trainer..etc.

    the robot cannot replace pet, but u still will have feeling n will feel sad if it is broken or even completely destroy in accident = dead.

    so, the robot will sale a lot more than just the game console play today, cos every1 wants, needs it. it is already developed as part of every1’s family.

    part of every1’s life. n it will look much better than those in the movie AI. closer to human. just like a little kid. play with our kid, play with us, the best companion,

    n its a SONY / MS+

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