October 30, 2006

More Viral Coded Secrets Revealed

Posted in General at 2:58 pm by playstation3

Ever since Sony started the website playbeyond.com, there have been a lot of things going on there. First was the weird coded symbols and you had to punch in certain codes that match up with the alphabetic code, to get exclusive content (ex. Chimera – Resistance In-Game Footage). Now just a few weeks ago, we haven’t seen that, and now they have replaced that, with movies explaining the PS3 like “Smarter” and “Capacity” and more on the way. So whatever happened to the coded symbols, well I’ll give you a hint, they are still there, but this time with more codes to crack.

Remember about a week ago, we reported that one of our insiders in L.A. found the weird Heavenly Sword coded thing in the hair (click here)? Well one of our readers living in NYC found more of these images posted on a wall in an unknown area of New York. Now the reader, who recently sent me this story, also told me some more interesting facts.

Now to get the coded symbols to come up on the playbeyond.com website. First, you know where the PS3 is in the bottom right corner, well zoom on that three times, and you see the green power button, click on that three times. Then zoom out, or show all, and you’ve got the coded symbols back. Now for cracking them. He said that on the first picture entitled “exclusive.jpg”, it is just like the American alphabet translated into symbols. In order to do this you will need the alphabetic cracked symbols sheet, which can be found on the site. In order to see new wallpapers and video footage of Heavenly Sword, you must correctly crack the codes. The user sent me 3 exclusive, never-before-seen pictures, which according to him, are all translatable for Heavenly Sword content.

So why don’t you give it a try. Not only is it an amazing find for us, but it seems that we may have found the solution to the playbeyond website after all. The pictures are on links listed below, and you can Google for the alphabetic cracked codes to punch them in correctly. Good Luck.


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