October 4, 2006

PS3 Blu-ray Remote Control Revealed

Posted in General at 3:12 am by playstation3

 Details continue to be doled out on a near-daily basis leading up to the highly anticipated November launch of the Blu-ray enabled PS3. Today is all about the remote control.

Turns out gamers will be able to access Blu-ray playback functionality two ways:

1) Much the same way DVD playback is handled on the PS2 today, via a new and improved wireless controller dubbed ‘Sixaxis’ (so named because it has sensors which allow it to sense linear motion along six axes), and…

2) Via a new optional accessory — a Blu-ray/DVD remote control, offering streamlined access to the unit’s disc playback features.

According to initial reports, the optional remote has been priced at 3600 yen ($31), and while a U.S. release date for the remote has yet to be announced, Sony is already receiving flack for its plans in Japan where the remote won’t be released until December 7th, three weeks after the PlayStation unit itself hits shelves in that country.

The PlayStation 3 is scheduled to be released stateside on November 17.


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  1. Sonic said,

    What the hell is that? Is the PS3 just an overpriced VCR?

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