September 9, 2006

First Official PlayStation 3 Box Art

Posted in General at 5:41 pm by playstation3

Today, we very well may have gotten the first glimpse of the box art for PlayStation 3 games. Sony Online Entertainment just released their official Untold Legends: Dark Kingdom box art, so we’re quite sure it is probably the real thing.

Based on the dimensions and ratio, it’s safe to say that the case size will match the Blu-Ray Disc cases quite well. The PS3 logo itself has also shifted from the top, as seen in all PS2 titles, to the left side.

While we don’t know the actual color of the cases themselves, though we’ll guess is possibly transparent black or blue, like the Blu-Ray cases. Regardless, the art seems to match the theme and style of the console, and looks rather slick.

Check it out below.


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  1. Sonic said,

    Where’s the info that says that the European release has been pushed back and there will only be 500000 units at launch worldwide. Or dont you publish bad news too?

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