August 22, 2006

Sony Playstation 3 manufacturing not yet started

Posted in General at 2:26 am by playstation3

In his latest interview with GameSpot, Sony America president Kaz Hirai revealed that the PLAYSTATION 3 has not even begun manufacturing at all. Previous reports out of Taiwan put the PLAYSTATION 3 production schedule commencing at the beginning of July. With Kaz simply stating that the production lines have only been reviewed, retailers could be in for an even worse experience than last year’s stocking issues with the Xbox 360.

<b>GS:</b> So is the PS3 already being manufactured?

<b>KH:</b> We haven’t started manufacturing yet. Some of our ops guys were actually just in China, and also in Japan just reviewing the [production] lines and everything else. But they are, again, preparing as we speak to get the manufacturing going. We’ve not announced and we haven’t set really a specific date to say, “As of this day we’re going to start manufacturing.”

With a commitment to 2 million consoles worldwide in November, Sony expects to distribute close to 700,000 to the North American market alone. Analysts have pegged worldwide demand at 8 million consoles, leaving many seekers empty handed this holiday season and beyond.


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