August 8, 2006

PS4 won’t have a disc drive

Posted in General at 6:47 pm by playstation3

With just months to go before the launch of the PS3 and the debut of Sony’s costly Blu-ray format, worldwide studios president Phil Harrison has hinted that the PlayStation 4 won’t feature a disc drive.

In a recent interview with Wired magazine, Harrison speculated that the successor to the PlayStation 3 may be entirely based on digital distribution models for both games and media content.

“We have to change the business model. We have to find a new way to reach the consumer,” he stated.

Harrison went on to refer to Kart Rider, a Korean game which is offered for free. Gamers are then charged for upgrades enhancements via digital download – and more than 12 million people are currently playing.

“That will be the business model for the future of games,” Harrison declared, before stating: “I’d be amazed if the PS4 had a physical disc drive.”

Okay, so he’s not exactly confirming anything. But it’s still interesting that Sony’s keen on online distribution, what with the “future proof” Blu-ray format almost here and all.

Sony declined to offer further clarification of Harrison’s comments.



  1. Rich said,

    If anyone takes this seriously.. just end your life and save us from the dumb post you are about to make

  2. lloydpeek said,

    the new sony playstation. to me this so called new games console has concentrated more on making the thing look like a pile of shite, rather than a piece of stunning genius. the thing is fucking huge, and as for the controller, well if i get bored i will take it over the fields to play a nice game of boomerang.its shit, yes the graphics may be good, but apart from pro evo soccer the thing in my eyes has never had any kick ass titles. G.T.A was good for about 10 minuites and Gran turismo, those fucking sunday cups and the clubmans cup where you get about as much money from a paper round. the game is too slow aswell, but then again i have been used to playing the kickass F-Zero on the cube. I cant really comment on the price of the machine but i bet it will be something shit like 350 quid which no teenager can afford these days, yeah yeah that will come down but who wants to wait till then I think that the new nintendo wii is what it is all about. the looks are sexy as fuck and it can fit in anywhere with any room. the machine is a genuine piece of quality, nintendo are all about making good games and good machines to go with them. they are allways looking for unique style and production, which is exactly what they are doing here.

  3. Rich said,

    umm… your dumb… they got rid of the boomerang controller long ago…

  4. lloydpeek said,

    still an ugly massive fucker though

  5. Rich said,

    … very true

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