June 1, 2006

First PlayStation 3 Manufactured Will Be PAL Units

Posted in General at 5:58 pm by playstation3

Though usually at a disadvantage when it comes to consoles, and surely all things PlayStation as well, Europe might finally get its revenge. In an interview with UK website MCV, Sony Computer Entertainment of Europe president and CEO David Reeves made one particularly amazing comment regarding Sony’s newfound love (or “commitment” as they put it) for European territories.

According to Reeves, the first PlayStation 3 units to come off the production line will actually be PAL units, and hopefully the PS3 will come out in Europe the same day as in the US:

“I hope we will be day and date with US and I hope that we’ll get the same quantities as US as well”, said Reeves. “I don’t think we’ll be disadvantaged. In fact I believe the first PS3s being manufactured are being made for Europe – which is a first. Between November 17th and December 31st we’ll hope to put them in as many European territories as we can, even if we have to place small seed quantities on day one.”

That last part about “small seed quantitites” in certain territories might turn out to be worse than it sounds, especially if you’re living in one of those marginalized countries in the Eastern block… like me for instance (oh well, it’s not like most of us can afford anything more than a Wii, nor do we complain about it; mostly). But back on topic, Reeves also commented the recent discussions over the console’s €500/600 price tag:

“When Blu-Ray players come out in Europe they are probably going to be between €900 and €1,000. So €599 for a Blu-Ray player – which is what a PS3 is – and a games machines with lots of good titles coming out as well is actually a steal. And the €499 unit, because that will also play Blu-Ray, is even better value.”


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