May 24, 2006

Square says no to FFVII remake on PS3?

Posted in General at 5:44 pm by playstation3

For many gamers, Final Fantasy VII holds some of the fondest and finest memories of the 20th Century, a tragic love story filled with action magic and racing Chocobos.

Unsurprisingly, after Square Enix showcased a tech demo of the early stages of Final Fantasy VII remade on the PS3 platform, the internet has been saturated with rumours suggesting that the game will be remade in its enirety for the Sony’s new console.

These rumours have recently been upped a notch or ten when American gaming magazine Electronic Gaming Monthly released this comment in their latest issue:

“Last year, Square Enix teased everyone with what was called the “FFVII PS3 demo. Well, what do you know? This test case was really a sneak peek at a next-gen revival of the PS1 role-playing hit.”

However in a rather sour reply to the speculation, Square Enix have released this statement:

“Since the Final Fantasy VII tech demo at E3 2005, there have been a lot of rumours about the presentation hinting at an actual remake. While the June 2006 issue of Electronic Gaming Monthly confirms the remake for release in 2007, Square Enix has never stated this.

We have however confirmed that development has begun for Final Fantasy XIII and Final Fantasy Versus XIII on PlayStation 3. These titles are part of the Fabula Nova Crystallis Project which also includes a mobile game titled Final Fantasy Agito XIII.”

So there you have it – Final Fantasy VII will not be released for PS3… Or will it? If you’re one of the many who would like to see the game remade then don’t be too down heartened. Despite not confirming the rumours Square Enix made no attempt to deny them completely either, so speculation is now rife over whether or not this indicates Square are planning on making the game in the coming years.



  1. Tony said,

    Plz remake SE if you care about the the you will forget about FFXIII and remake FFVII which will always be the best along with FFVIII but in remaking FFVII there will be a big reward for both fans and employees think long and hard dont pass up the the greatest remake in the world now!!

  2. Kyle Sexton said,


  3. Bobby Tagget said,

    I have played the Final Fantasy series ever since FFIV and out of all those games I have never seen such a more interesting storyline, a great spell system (Meteria) and least of all, great personality of the characters in games. I still have the old Final Fantasy games even today.
    I would of played FFVII at least 10 times, twice all the way through, five times half-way. It was the best experience, and now I hear about a remake, you can imagine what I thought, WICKED!!

    Sqaure Enix if you can just do this one favor, Im sure there are many people just like me, Make a remake please, It would be great, seeing the greatest game of all time being remade on the PS3. It would increase the sales of PS3 because in all honesty I wasnt even considering buying a PS3 until I caught wind of this rumor…..hmm maybe thats what the rumor is all about.

    Think about it who would produce a tech demo of the greatest game of all time and not expect the fans to go crazy “Remake, Remake” honestly Sqaure if your not planning on making a remake what were you thinking, you have future generations to consider. What are you waiting for ‘Get Cracking’.

  4. Tom said,

    Final Fantasy Seven is probably one of the greatest games ever created. If I was in charge of SE i would SERIOUSLY consider a remake of this game.

    I doubt they would have created a Tech Demo and not expect a reaction from fans, and they never acctually denied it so it wouldn’t suprise me if a remake was made.

    But for now we can only wait and see what SE have in mind for the future of the game.

  5. Mike said,


    Them fo’s dont do a remake of this game ima bust a cap up someones ass, yaa mee? And believe me, yo dont want me to go ghetto up in here or your expecting a MAJOR ass-whoopin!

    Peace Out

  6. Final Fantasy Hater said,


  7. anonymous said,

    no they won’t. regardless of whether you think its “DA SHITTEST GAME GOIN”, a remake of a popular game will undoubtedly make loads of money, and ultimately, at the end of the day, that’s what SE are aiming to do. MAKE MONEY. If you don’t like ff7 for whatever reason, then fine, you don’t like it, but it doesn’t mean other people aren’t allowed to.
    p.s You are a TOOL.

  8. sut said,

    A Tool? You mean FOOL

  9. Jennifer said,

    Please remake FF7!! Even though I do not own a PS3 yet, it would be so awsome to see a remake of the game. FF7 is what got me into the whole FF series. I just watched the demo for it and the graphics were spectacular!!!!!.

  10. Syrus Fletcher said,

    FF7 is the greatest game that has or ever will be created. Sure the graphics arent good now but im still loving the storyline, the characters and the materia stuff.
    If it does get remade obviously the graphics will be a great change but i would aslo like speech as well as text as a new thing too and the sales will go through the heavens and keep goin. Final Fantasy series i think are much better than pokemon, mario and sonic (and im a sonic fan).
    And the person who said ‘I LOST SLEEP OVER DA PURE CRAPINESS OF DA GAME’ well you just told us ya played it, if i thought a game was crap i wouldnt play it at all id let my friend play it and id let him test it out.
    Any way get the greatest game of all time remade! PLEASE!

  11. Haz said,

    If Final Fantasy is “Da shittest game goin” why are you on a Final fantasy forum and why would people pay over 1,000 pounds or dollars just for an original copy of the game….Oh and REMAKE FF7 FTW :)

  12. Haz said,

    :O Syrus we were within one hour of talking to each other :O

  13. Devidia said,

    I am a broke-ass and realistically won’t be able to afford a PS3 for a long time. However, if SE remade FFVII I would sell a good quarter of all my stuff to be able to own it!!! And there are so many people who agree!!! ..You’d think Squaresoft would realize that…

  14. Final Fantisys #1 Fan said,

    You guys WTF this isnt a hard desition.Final Fantisy 7 is the best Final Fantisy game (along with FFX and FFX2) every Final Fantisy fan will kill for a copy.GIVE US WHAT WE WANT!

  15. DJ_STEVE said,

    A ff7 remake would be awesome but they should put in other stuff from the other games like being able 2 have 2 people control your team like in ffIX as long as they dont mess with the main story they should include all the plf stuff plus more

    really hope SE does the remake

  16. frontman said,

    Well, I’ve played all the final fantasy titles (except ff11). They will never make an other game like final fantasy 7. Never ever! All the other final fantasies were not even close..

  17. xslashedx said,

    Square Enix is BLIND to what gamers want. *sigh*, i’ll just wait4 Crisis Core coming on PSP next year,and ffXIII4 PS3, mwahahhaahha!

  18. kevin said,

    I loved ff7, more than most, played and completed more than 100 times! I know thats a little bit sad. But never remake a classic game such as ff7, there has never been a good film remake so why would it be differant for a game. Stop your fucking bitching bout the graphics on the ps1, the graphics were what made the game so special, to see the truly amazing storyline and gameplay were more important, you fuckers have forgotton that! Well thats my rant for today but if they remake it i’ll firebomb anyone who buys it!

  19. kevin said,

    Dj steve your a cunt

  20. xslashedx said,


  21. BulK said,

    Eheh too bad wouldve sold 1 more ps3 if they did ^^

  22. Devidia said,

    Hey now, I realize that a lot of re-vamped games tend to have unnecessary stuff added to them that can take away from the authenticity of the original title, and it’s true that the film remakes definitely left something to be desired, but COME ON it’s FFVII!!!
    Because this game has such an enormous fan base when compared to almost any other RPG of its caliber, I think that if the Square crew has any common sense whatsoever they’d most likely want to stick as closely to the original game’s feel as possible in order to make more sales to fanatics like myself (and also the 5000 odd ppl who’ve signed a petition to try and beg Square to make this possible).
    As for graphics changes, I hate to admit it because it’s kind of sad, but people take awesome grfx so much for granted these days that I think a re-vamping of the game’s appearance might not be that bad of a thing, as it’d get many many more people into this game, and help expose people to what a *really* awesome RPG should feel like to play!!! Not to say that the other FF titles since haven’t all had their good points but come on, nothing really compares to FFVII. I think hardcore fans should be less rigid and more open to the idea of this project becoming a reality, if nothing else for the sake of spreading the love!

  23. Marc said,

    If they made FF7 for the ps3, I will go out and buy a PS3 just for this.

  24. Ragnarok said,

    OK, First, SE is not stupid at all, ppl is requesting Final Fantasy VII remake from all over the world, now they are not gonna deliver some cheap copy for ps3, they ARE working on the best Final Fantasy Game, they cant screw it just bc ppl cant wait, another thing, do you think it would make sense that SE is making remake after remake of all final fantasies for diff consoles, and they wont make one for the best game ever? ¬_¬ dont believe so, and for the “dude Mike” from “LISTEN ALL MA HOMMIES IN DA HOOD!” damn u are just so stupid wtf do you speak like that, do you think is cool? wtf gtfo dude

  25. kam said,

    ff12 sucked ace. Gimme sommo 7.

  26. Ryan S said,

    If Final Fantasy VII was remade, I would buy the PlayStation 3, backwards-compatability or not. However, I would make the case that remaking FFVII would NOT cause Square Enix to remake the entire series–arguably, FFVII was the BEST of all the Final Fantasy series, because it 1) Revolutionized the gaming industry with A. graphics, B. character development and C. storyline, and 2) Completely set the standard for the specific type of game, RPGs, at the time it was released. It could be sort of an…”Anniversary release,” celebrating XX years of Square Enix or the FF series or BOTH.

    Another thing, marketability–Square, and Sony right along with them, don’t want to lose their assests (intentional spelling) over a game that isn’t salable. However, many times companies take risks with new games or “revisited” ones–the Halo series, though unique in storyline, is NOT the first futuristic sci-fi game where humanity meets aliens in a violent confrontation–hey, everyone’s thought about it before, so what’s the big deal?

    Where FFVII differs, however, is that it’s a pre-published game–expected reasons for NOT remaking might be media fallout “Running out of ideas, SE?” or consumers too clingy to the old version of the game–but these risks and stubborn gamers are few and far between.

    The positive reasons? Think of how much clearer the CONCEPTS of FFVII can be conveyed with better graphics, a better game engine, and the cult-following of FFVII would fully back SE for “remaking a game” that is surely one of the BEST games Squaresoft (they weren’t merged yet with Enix) has EVER made!

    “Get the old design team together boys, it’t time to remember the good ‘ole times” by paying the highest compliment a game can get–a full remake of Final Fantasy VII–not a sequel or spin-off, which might deepen the backstory but not our affections. Square Enix, I beseech you, remake this game in all its glory, and I will personally buy a PS3 and know many others will–JUST for that game.

    There are many great games for the PS3 that we will buy afterward, but the one game that will “sell” your console is Final Fantasy VII remade in new graphics and with the current game engine. Thanks, sincerely,

    ~Ryan S,
    Westminster CO

  27. Garrett said,

    im trying to find more proof also but i already know its comeing because a gamestop employe said it was annouced at their last conveation the FF7 remake was going to come but they are gonna finish the current 15 game installations before they even start on it. now i do not know if the 15 games formentiond are the FF series or just the ps3 games comeing out.

  28. andrew said,

    pliz i beg you remake final fantasy 7 for ps3….plizzzzzzzzz….i am a big fun of final fantasy series..i have played all of them..i also have played the ff’s on psp and gba

  29. Maria said,

    FFVII Definetly should be remade. I heared from many people (even seen a petition of 48k+) that they want FFVII to come out on the PS3. If Square Enix doesn’t make it, they must be crazy. o.O

  30. Whatever said,

    ff8 was better in my oppinion, however that does not mean that I would not like to play a remade ff7 it only stats that I would like a remade ff8 XD.

  31. Brenda said,

    I dont see why not this game is not going to be made a remake. It has worked for games like Lunar The Silver Star Story and Lunar 2 Eternal Blue. This game would be huge if it ever was to be remade.

    UHM SE…. Large Fanbase=$$$$$ ..simple math, right?

  32. Timothy said,

    You have to make this remake of FF7. Why wouldnt you. This game is seriously the best game ever. Everything about it is top notch. PPl are selling it on ebay for hundres of dollars, and i see ppl buying them for that amount. Us true fans know that the rumor of it being totaly remade like the story and all were false. We know it was just the graphics being redone. And hell, the cinama to it would be breath taken. So all in all you have to make it, who else wouldnt you. Youll make tons of money, hell even if the fans that thought that everything was going to change will see it from their friends so on and so forth and be like wow i was dum time to go get the game. Yeah that simple. Just make the remake, for all of us true fans of a world we sink our thoughts into, FF7.

  33. […] Square Enix. For years fans have been begging for an update, but you’ve denied us over, and over, and over. The 2005 teaser was bad, but this “for the time being” sliver of hope crap […]

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