May 13, 2006

First Look: PlayStation 3 interface/browser

Posted in General at 10:17 pm by corneliusw

While Sony didn’t delve deep into the PlayStation 3’s OS or desktop during their conference, there have been a number of interesting sightings of it on the E3 show floor. Most of you PSP owners will immediately recognize the XMB, since it’s virtually the same as what is found on the PSP. So far it’s looking quite sleek and minimalist.

The XMB, from what people have noted so far, includes the following sections and settings:

Users: Allows you to manage profiles for multiple users.

Settings: Misc settings such as language, mouse/keyboard, console-wide preferences for thigns such as music, video playback, etc.

Photo: Allows you to view items from a USB device, HDD, digital camera, Memory Stick/SD card/Compact Flash card, and the ability to create slideshows

Music: Various digital music playback from a variety of source, such as CD, HDD, USB devices, and the various memory cards.

Movie: Playback of BluRay video, DVD video, and video off of the HDD.

Game: Launching games from with the BRD of HDD/removable memory cards. Game saves and various settings.

Network: Network settings as well as internet applications such as the built in web browser.

Friend: A way to maintain a universal friend’s list, send/receive messages, etc.

Click here for images of the browser and the XMB. Note the ability to open multiple windows. Thanks to xbde3’s Flickr photostream for the browser shots, and Impress Game Watch for the XMB details/shots.


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