May 11, 2006

Moore: PS3 price “forced” on gamers

Posted in General at 1:11 am by corneliusw

Peter Moore, Xbox 360’s head honcho and huge tattoo fan, has slammed Sony’s PS3 price point by claiming that it has been forced on gamers thanks to the PS3’s in-built hi-def DVD drive.

Speaking exclusively to CVG at E3 today, Moore also claimed that there isn’t enough of a difference between the quality of Xbox 360 and PS3 games to warrant Sony’s far higher price point: 499 Euro (around 340) for the 20GB model and 599 Euro (around 410) for the 60GB model compared to Xbox 360’s 210 for the Core Pack and 280 for the Premium Pack.

“Xbox 360 isn’t forcing hi-def DVD playback on you, and telling you that it’s going to cost you an extra $200-$300 dollars,” he said, referring to the in-built Blu-ray drive that will come installed in every PS3 when it launches worldwide in November. The Xbox 360’s external hi def DVD drive – which will use the competing HD-DVD format – will be released this Christmas. No price point has been announced.

When asked flat-out if he thought the PS3 was overpriced, Moore responded, “Go ask consumers. That’s where I get my feedback from. I’m very comfortable about our price point for what it delivers, the number of games it has, and the quality of those games. Consumers are going to have to see PlayStation 3 games and ask, ‘can I see $300 pounds of difference in those games.’ I’m not sure that’s the case right now. Sony has some challenges in answering that question.”

And Moore reckons that Sony will really feel the pinch as the next-gen console battle goes into its final stages. “The problem for Sony isn’t this year. This year they’re going to sell what they can deliver. The problem comes two years down the road when you have to catch up with a cost reduction curve when your competition is already there.”

Credit: CVG


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