May 9, 2006

Sony Reveals PS3 Controller

Posted in General at 4:42 am by corneliusw

At Monday’s SCEA’s E3 press conference, Ken Kutaragi revealed details on the PS3 controller. Sony has listened to the criticism of the bananarang controller, and ditched it completely. They used the traditional dual shock design for the console.

The new Dual Shock 3 will be wireless, and will have a USB connection in case you want the controller to be wired.

A new feature was brought to the controller, which is called six degrees of freedom. This new technology will allow gamers to move the controller freely in order to act out the action on the screen. In a demo done by the producer/director of Warhawk, Dylan Jobe was shown flying his craft by handling the controller in the same fashion as you would with an aircraft stick.

Thanks to PSXExtreme for the pictures…


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