May 6, 2006

Sega announces The Club for PS3, Xbox 360

Posted in General at 4:00 pm by corneliusw

SEGA of America, Inc. and SEGA Europe Ltd. today announced The Club (Working Title) for next-gen consoles in 2007. The Club is the next project from award-winning UK-based development powerhouse, Bizarre Creations, the studio behind the definitive next-gen racing game, Project Gotham Racing 3. Bizarre Creations partners once again with SEGA having already enjoyed past success with Metropolis Street Racer.

The Club is a loosely organized and highly illegal underground entity. For most people, The Club exists only as an urban legend – a game where criminals are paid huge amounts to carry out gunfights and where online spectators view, gamble and cheer them on in a deadly game of skill. Yet the rumours are true. People are getting rich. People are dying. The first task is to survive, but according to their rules – quickly, relentlessly and with style.

The Club will redefine the mechanics of third-person action shooters. Set in a variety of unusual and evocative locations, the game focuses on addictive and rewarding frenetic gameplay. The Club will deliver fast-paced gameplay with a variety of high-powered weaponry at the players’ disposal. The game will showcase the capabilities of next-gen consoles, maximizing the graphical and audio technology available to deliver a visually stunning and action-packed gameplay experience.

“The Club simply delivers that visceral thrill of high-stakes gambling and tosses in a heavy dose of frenzied gunplay,” said Scott A. Steinberg, Vice President of Marketing, SEGA of America, Inc. “Bizarre Creations has a incredible track record and now they bring the innovation, both technical and creative, shown in the racing genre and have applied it to the shooter category.”

“Here at Bizarre Creations we feel The Club brings the pillars of classic SEGA gameplay bang up to date for the next generation of hardware, gaming and gamers,” commented Martyn Chudley, Managing Director, Bizarre Creations Ltd. “We are truly excited by the prospects of this game and of our partnership with SEGA.”

The Club hits North America and Europe in 2007 on next-gen consoles.


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